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Alcatel One Touch 536 manual

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    Phone Display1.1
    Key Functions
    standby mode : Press this key to call defined NAME1;
    Operating: enter selected menu;
    standby mode : Press this key to call defined NAME2;
    Operating: Press to go back to previous menu;
    Press this key to enter Inbox under standby mode;
    Press to call out: press to pick up phone when there is
    incoming call;
    Press to enter Call history under standby mode;
    Move cursor left in need;
    Power Off: Long press to switch on;
    Power On: Long press to switch off;
    Operating: Short press it to go back to standby mode; End a
    call or Reject a call;
    Move cursor right in need;
    Press this key to enter main menu;
    Press this key to move up the cursor;
    FM: Increase frequency on 0,1MHz;
    Press this key to enter Phone Book under standby
    Press this key to move down the cursor;
    FM: Decrease frequency on 0,1MHz;
    Standby mode: press to type in *, +, p, w;
    FM: Decrease frequency on 0,1MHz;
    Editing mode: Press to select symbol;
    Standby mode: Input # ;
    Long press Switching to silent mode;
    Editing mode: Press to switch Inputting method;
    Press corresponding key to select corresponding item
    of the menu;
    Input numbers of 0~9 under standby mode;
    FM key
    FM ON/OFF;
    Torch light ON/OFF;
    Alarm Clock ON/OFF;
    Volume control;
    SOS key
    Long press for 3 sec to activate SOS function.
    Note: “Press” in this manual, means to press and release the
    key; “press and hold” means to press and hold the key for at
    least 2 seconds.
    Icon & Symbols1.3
    Icons Introductions
    New Message
    Ring only
    Vibrate only
    Vibrate and Ring
    Vibrate then Ring
    Getting Started
    Please read the safety instructions in the "Safety Information and
    Notices" section before use.
    Inserting the SIM Card2.1
    Insert the SIM card2.1.1
    Install the battery and back cover2.1.2
    Turning the phone on2.2
    To turn the phone on, press and hold the End/Power Key. Enter the
    PIN code if required.
    Charging the Battery2.3
    1. Ensure the battery is inserted in the handset. To charge the battery,
    plug in the charger connector at the bottom of your phone (USB
    interface) and then plug the other end into an AC power socket.
    2. The battery symbol indicates the charging status. While charging, the
    charge indicators will scroll. When all the scroll bars are steady, the
    battery is fully charged.
    3. Disconnect the charger from the phone.
    4. Disconnect the charger from the AC power socket.
    Note: If the battery is powerless, the battery icon will
    reappear after a few minutes of charging.
    Inserting a T-Flash Card2.4
    1. Lift up the T-Flash card cover under of the SIN1card slot. Pull the
    cover to the right if it is locked and then lift it.
    2. With the metal contacts facing down, gently insert the T-Flash card
    into the cover, then press the cover down.
    3. Press and pull the cover to the down to lock it.
    Important Password2.5
    Phone lock password is 0000.
    Text Entry
    Input method3.1
    During text editing mode, you can press the # Key to switch input
    modes or press the N1 key [Options] and select Input Method to select
    different input modes.
    Entering Symbols: In any input mode, press the * Key to open the
    symbols input screen.
    English Input Mode3.2
    In English input mode, you may have to press a key several times to
    enter a letter from the keyboard. Press a key continuously to select
    the English letter represented by the key. Press once to enter the
    first letter and press twice to enter the second letter. The English
    input mode includes several input methods, Smart ABC, Smart abc,
    ABC, abc etc.
    Numeral input mode3.3
    Press corresponding number with Numeric keys 0-9.
    English - CJB2410ALAAA
    We continuously strive to improve our products.
    Therefore, we reserve the rights to revise this user
    manual or withdraw it at any time without prior notice.
    N2 key
    End/Power Key
    Down Key
    SMS key
    N1 key
    Dial/Answer key
    Up Key
    Making a call from the phonebook4.3
    Access the Phone Book List, scroll to search the desired number,
    to call the number.
    Last Number Redial
    1. In the standby mode, press
    to access the Call logs.
    2. Press the Up/Down key to reach the desired number or name
    and press
    Speed Dial4.4
    If you already set the speed dial numbers, then you can long press
    number key 2 to 9 to dial set numbers out under standby mode. Long
    pressing number key 1 is to dial to voice mailbox if you already set
    the mailbox number.
    Receiving a Call4.5
    Press to receive incoming call.
    During a call, you can operate by pressing
    Hold single call, End single
    call, New call, Phone Book, Messages, Sound recorder, Background
    sound, DTMF.
    Press end key to end a call.
    Reject a Call4.6
    Press END Key or Right soft key to reject an incoming call.
    Options in Call4.7
    During a call, you can operate by pressing Answer key: Hold single
    call, End single call, New call, Phone Book, Messages, Sound recorder,
    Background sound, DTMF.
    Side key to adjust volume
    You can press volume key to adjust volume during the call.
    Call Centre
    Missed calls5.1
    This menu displays received calls that you did not answer. In the
    missed calls list, you can view the details of the record by pressing
    the Ok key or soft key (left). In the view screen, you can Call, Delete,
    Send SMS, Send MMS, Edit before call, Edit the number, or you can
    execute other function, such as view the detail information of the call,
    Delete all the Missed Calls.
    Received calls 5.2
    This menu displays the most recent 20 calls you have received.
    In the list of received calls, you can view the details of the record by
    pressing the Ok key or soft key (left). In the view screen, you can Call,
    Delete, Send SMS, Send MMS, Edit before call, or you can execute
    other function, such as view the detail information of the call, Delete
    all the Received calls.
    Dialed calls5.3
    This menu displays that you have dialed. In the dialed calls list, you
    can view the details of the record by pressing the Ok key or soft
    key (left). In the view screen, you can Call, Delete, Send SMS, Send
    MMS, Edit before call, Edit the number, or you can execute other
    function, such as view the detail information of the call, Delete all
    the Received calls.
    Call timers5.4
    This menu displays the time log for calls made and received. The time
    of the last call’s. and by execute the “Reset all” function, you can reset
    all the logs.
    Call cost5.5
    This network feature displays the cost of calls. This menu is available
    only if your SIM card supports this feature. Note that this is not
    intended to be used for billing purposes, and also you can reset the
    cost record.
    Message counter5.6
    You can view the numbers of sent and received SMS.
    GPRS counter5.7
    You can view the numbers of sent or received GPRS, and also you can
    reset the counter.
    Phone Book
    You can store phone numbers on your SIM card and in your phone’s
    memory. The SIM card and phone’s memory are physically separate,
    but they are used as a single entity called Phone Book.
    Quick search6.1
    Input the first character of the name you are searching for in the cursor,
    and then all records meeting the conditions will be displayed.
    Search results will be different due to different input methods.
    Add new contact6.2
    Use this menu to add a new contact to SIM card or phone.
    Sent SMS or MMS6.3
    When you select the contact, you can press the “options” key to
    select the” Sent text message” or “send multimedia message
    to send a SMS or MMS.
    After you have search the contact you wanted, you can press the
    to call the number.
    View or Edit 6.5
    After you have search the contact you wanted, you can view the
    detailed information of the contact, or edit the information of the
    You can delete the contact you selected.
    Set N1 or N26.7
    Select the two keys, you can set the urgency number.
    Copy or Move6.8
    You can copy or move the selected number form the phone to the SIM
    card or from the SIM card to the phone.
    Send contact6.9
    You can sent the contact you selected through the SMS or MMS, and
    also you can Via Bluetooth sent it.
    Mark several6.10
    Through the key you can mark several contacts, after doing this you can
    send SMS or delete the marked numbers and so on.
    The options are Preferred Look, Speed dial, My number, Extra
    numbers, Memory status, Copy contacts, Move contacts, Delete all
    Use this menu to keep track of your schedule. You can also use
    convenient features, such as Alarm, Calendar, Notes, Calculator,
    To access this menu, press [Menu] in Idle mode and select Organizer.
    The mobile phone provides 1 alarm and you can set it as your need.
    If you have configured an alarm, an icon indicated that you have
    configured the alarm will appear. No icon will show if you don’t set an
    alarm. Select “Edit” to set the current alarm.
    You can view and edit the memo of a specified date with this function.
    1. View: User is able to view the task which is added by user.
    2. View all: View all the tasks.
    3. Add event: User is able to select task type and enter Start and End
    date, time.
    4. Jump to Date: Skip to the specified date to view or edit the daily
    arrangements of the day.
    5. Delete event: you also can select delete the events.
    You can save the job which you need to in the list. Select Menu )
    Organizer ) Notes.
    You can use this tool to help you do arithmetic operations, The
    calculator can add, subtract, multiply and divide.
    You should select Menu > Organizer > Bluetooth. In the Bluetooth
    screen, select Power On. Next, select Search audio device if you
    want to connect to an audio device or select My device > Search
    new device.
    When searching for a device, you are to be presented with a list of any
    device discovered within the range of your Bluetooth-enabled phone.
    As soon as you select a device and a connection is made, you are
    prompted to enter in order to pair with the device.
    You should create your own password and agree with the owner of
    the other device to use the same code. Devices that do not have a
    user interface have a factory-set password. Refer to its documentation
    for further information.
    The pass key feature ensures that only legitimate connections are
    allowed to connect either to your device or to the selected device.
    Establish Bluetooth connection
    If the devices are paired successfully, they will be shown in the My
    Device menu.
    Before the connection is established, you can select files, such as
    pictures and sound, press the N1 key [Options] and select Send >Via
    Bluetooth, then select the paired device. The received files will be
    saved in File manager > Received.
    Battery saving
    Features using Bluetooth technology increase the demand on battery
    power and reduce the battery life.
    If you do not intend to use the Bluetooth feature for some time, you
    should deactivate it in order to conserve battery power.
    Making a Call4.1
    Note: You can make a call only when the network name
    appears on the screen.
    1. In idle mode, enter the phone number.
    2. Press the Dial/Answer key to dial the number.
    3. Press the End/Power Key to end the call.
    Note: During a call, press the Volume key to adjust
    the volume.
    Note: In most countries, recording telephone
    conversations is subject to legislation. We advise you to
    notify the caller if you intend to record your conversation
    and only do so if they agree.
    Making an International Call4.2
    1. Press the * Key twice quickly until "+" appears on the screen.
    2. Enter the country code.
    3. Enter the area code (normally without the 0 before it) followed by
    the phone number.
    4. Press the Dial/Answer key to call directly.
    Bluetooth menu
    Power Turn Bluetooth feature On or Off.
    Visibility choose to show or hide your device by selecting
    On or Off.
    My device Displays the Bluetooth devices that you have
    paired successfully and can connect to.
    Search audio
    Search for the audio devices that you can connect
    with, such as BT headset.
    My name show the name of your device and also you can
    edit your device's name.
    Audio Path: Select “Leave in Phone” or
    Forward to BT Headset”.
    Storage: you can set your preferred storage.
    Sharing permission: Select “Full control” or
    Read only”.
    My address: you can view your handset address
    You can configure your cellular phone to best suit your usage
    User Profiles8.1
    General 8.1.1
    1 Activate: Open the selected mode.
    2. Customize
    Tone Settings: Includes Incoming Call, Power on, Power off, Cover
    open, Cover close, Message, Alarm and Keypad. You can select built-in
    ring tunes, or the tunes composed by yourself.
    Volume: Includes the volume setting of Ringtone and Key Tone. The
    volume degree is from 1 to 7.
    Alert Type:
    - Ring only: Just ringing, no vibration.
    - Vib. only: Just Vibrating, no ringing.
    - Vib. and ring: Vibrating and ringing.
    - Vib. then ring: Ringing after vibration.
    Ring Type:
    - Single: Rings once when a call is coming.
    - Repeat: Rings continuously when a call is coming.
    - Ascending: Rings continuously and the volume increases gradually.
    Connect notice:
    - None: No ring and Vibration, It’s silent.
    - Tone only: Just ringing, no Vibration.
    - Vib. only: Just vibration, no ringing.
    - Tone and Vib. Ringing and Vibration.
    Extra tone:
    - Warning: If necessary, you will be warned by the prompt tone.
    - Error: You will be warned by a tone if you make a mistake.
    - Camp on: A prompt tone will be heard after searching the network
    Answer Mode:
    - Cover answer: you can open the cover to answer.
    - Any key: Press any key to answer a call (Except of Hang Up Key and
    Right Soft Key).
    Volume, Alert type may not set. Please refer to “general” for more
    Note: Long press # key switching to silent mode.
    Please refer to “general” for more details.
    You can do the set if you use Bluetooth headset to answer a call, please
    refer to “general” for more details.
    Phone settings8.2
    Time and date: Including Set home city, Set time/date, Set format,
    and Auto update.
    Schedule power on/off: It is to set the time when phone is power
    on/off automatically.
    Language: Select the desired language for the display text.
    Input methods: Support input methods.
    Keypad light: you can set the keypad light’s status.
    SOS setting8.3
    SOS SMS content: You can fix SMS to appointed contact when you
    make emergency call. You can fix one SMS in this phone and you can
    change the content by yourself.
    SOS number: You can add emergency numbers; you can add at most
    4 numbers. You can also change or delete the emergency number that
    you have fixed before, or set emergency dialing status.
    Voice setting8.4
    Key number voice: you can set the key’s voice status, select on
    or off.
    Incoming number voice: if you set the status “on”, then if a call
    coming, the phone will announce the coming number.
    N1, N2 Settings8.5
    You can set the urgency number of N1, N2.
    With this function you can configure the basic status of display
    characteristics including Wallpaper, Show date and time, Show owner
    number, LCD backlight.
    Quick Start Guide
    For more information about how to use the phone, please go
    to to download complete user
    manual (English version only). Moreover, from the website you
    can also consult FAQ (English version only).
    This product meets applicable national SAR
    limits of 2.0 W/kg. The specific maximum
    SAR values can be found on page 27 of this
    user guide.
    When carrying the product or using it
    while worn on your body, either use an
    approved accessory such as a holster or
    otherwise maintain a distance of 1.5 cm
    from the body to ensure compliance with
    RF exposure requirements. Note that the
    product may be transmitting even if you are
    not making a phone call.
    Prolonged exposure to music at full volume on the
    music player may damage the listener's hearing. Set
    your phone volume safely. Use only headphones
    recommended by TCT Mobile Limited and its
    call settings8.7
    SIM settings8.7.1
    Include Caller ID, Caller waiting, Call divert, Call barring, Line
    Caller ID
    This network service informs your Caller ID to the recipient when
    you call out.
    You can set the following options for the Caller ID function.
    Call waiting
    This network service informs when someone is trying to reach you
    during another call. You can specify the call waiting option for voice
    calls only.
    Call divert
    This network service reroutes incoming calls to the number that
    you specify.
    Example: you may wish to divert your business calls to a colleague
    while you are busy.
    Call barring
    This network service allows you to restrict your call for Outgoing
    Calls, Incoming Calls.
    You can also cancel all call barring settings. You will be able to make
    and receive calls normally.
    You can set and change the call barring password obtained from
    your service provider using this option. You must enter the current
    password before you can specify a new one.
    Line switching: Switch between line 1 and 2.
    Advance settings8.7.2
    Call time display: if you set this function’s status “on”, then when
    you making a call, the holding time will be display on you phone.
    Call time reminder: if you use this function, you can have a prompt
    of the holding time.
    Reject by SMS: Reject a call use by SMS.
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Alcatel One Touch 536

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Especificaciones de Alcatel One Touch 536

Marca Alcatel
Modelo One Touch 536
Producto Teléfono móvil senior
EAN 6955089884512
Idioma Inglés
Tipo de archivo PDF
Diagonal de la pantalla 2.4
Resolución de la pantalla 240 x 320Pixeles
Pantalla táctil
Tipo de visualizador TFT
Número de colores de la pantalla 65536 colores
Pantalla externa
Tarjeta de soporte flash
Tarjetas de memoria compatibles microSD (TransFlash)
Memoria interna -MB
Tamaño máximo de tarjeta de memoria 16GB
Cámara fotográfica
Cámara trasera -
Red de datos GSM
Bandas 2G (SIM principal) 900, 1800MHz
Capacidad de la tarjeta SIM -
Transmisión de datos
Versión de Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
Sistema de mensajería multimedia (MMS)
Correo electrónico
Video llamada
Radio FM
Tipo de timbre MP3
Control de energía
Tecnología de batería Ión de litio
Capacidad de batería 850mAh
Tiempo de recarga de la batería 3h
Tiempo de hablado (2G) 3h
Tiempo de suspendido (2G) 200h
Peso y dimensiones
Peso 123g
Ancho 50mm
Profundidad 16.5mm
Altura 105mm
Detalles técnicos
Tipo de suscripción -
Color del producto Negro
Control de volumen Digital
Características del teléfono
Factor de forma Concha
Gestión de la información personal Alarm clock, Calculator, To-do list
Tecnología Java
Alerta vibratoria
Funcionamiento del GPS
GPS (satélite)
Características de administración
Micrófono mudo
Otras características
Interfaz USB
Conexión PC

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