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This blood pressure monitor complies with the Eu-
ropean requirements that are the basis of the Me-
dical Products Law (CE), as well as the European
Standard „Europanorm” EN 1060, Part 1 „Non-
nvasive blood pressure monitoring devices
General requirements” and part 2 „Additional
requirements for mechanical blood pressure moni-
toring devices“.
Regular calibration is to be carried out in accor-
dance with the regulations existing in your country.
Keep this unit from being knocked or dropped, and
protect it from dirt and moisture. Care has to be
taken not to puncture the cuff with any sharp
instruments (Scissors, needles).
Do not inflate to above 300 mmHg !
easurement time should not exceed 2 minutes.
etween 2 measurements allow an interval of at
least 2 minutes.
Placing the Cuff:
Ensure the lower cuff edge finishes approx. 2 3
cm above the elbow, the membrane inside the cuff
must be placed on the main artery.
Taking the Blood Pressure:
Inflate the cuff to above the systolic pressure. The
air release speed can be adjusted by rotating the
valve screw.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) recom-
mends a deflation speed of 2 3 mmHg per
After the measurement is completed, fully open the
ai release valve to allow for the fast deflation of
the cuff.
Note on Cuff Sizes:
The German League for the Fight against Blood
Pressure recommends the following cuff sizes:
Patient Upper Arm
rence in cm
Rubber bag
inside in cm
Width x Legth (*)
28 13
14 21
22 32
33 41
41 +
5 x 18
8 x 13
12 13 x 24
15 x 30
18 x 36
* The given lengths are minimum lengths.
Please use only boso cuffs.
Instructions for Use
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