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User Guide

BT Stratus 1500

Ofces worldwide
The services described in this publication are subject to availability and may be
modied from time to time. Services and equipment are supplied subject to
British Telecommunications plc’s respective standard conditions of contract.
Nothing in this publication forms any part of a contract.
© British Telecommunications plc 2008.
Registered Ofce: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ.
Registered in England No. 1800000.
Designed and produced by The Art & Design Partnership Ltd.
Printed in China / Issue 1 / ADP08-08

1 Plug in

2 Charge

3 Go!

General information
For information on safety instructions, cleaning, technical information or connecting to a switchboard, please refer to the ‘General Information’ section in the full user guide at
Your BT Stratus 1500 is guaranteed for a period of 12
months from the date of purchase.
Subject to the terms listed below, the guarantee
will provide for the repair of, or at BT’s or its agent’s
discretion the option to replace the BT Stratus 1500,
or any component thereof, (other than batteries),
which is identied as faulty or below standard, or as a
result of inferior workmanship or materials. Products
over 28 days old from the date of purchase may be
replaced with a refurbished or repaired product.
The conditions of this guarantee are:
The guarantee shall only apply to defects that
occur within the 12 month guarantee period.
Proof of purchase is required.
The equipment is returned to BT or its agent
as instructed.
This guarantee does not cover any faults or defects
caused by accidents, misuse, fair wear and tear,
neglect, tampering with the equipment, or any
attempt at adjustment or repair other than through
approved agents.
This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.
For further information within and outside the 12
month guarantee, please refer to the full user guide at
Product disposal instructions
The symbol shown here and on the product
means that the product is classed as Electrical or
Electronic Equipment and should not be disposed with
other household or commercial waste at the end of its
working life.
The Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment
(WEEE) Directive (2002/96/EC) has been put in place
to recycle products using best available recovery and
recycling techniques to minimise the impact on the
environment, treat any hazardous substances and
avoid the increasing landll.
Product disposal instructions for residential users
When you have no further use for it, please remove
any batteries and dispose of them and the product as
per your local authority’s recycling processes. For more
information please contact your local authority or the
retailer where the product was purchased.
Product disposal instructions for business users
Business users should contact their suppliers and check
the terms and conditions of the purchase contract
and ensure that this product is not mixed with other
commercial waste for disposal.
R&TTE Directive & Declaration of Conformity
This product is intended for use within the UK for
connection to the public telephone network and
compatible switchboards.
This equipment complies with the essential
requirements for the Radio Equipment and
Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive
Setting up is easy. Just follow the simple steps in this guide.
If you need further assistance, please visit our website to view our advanced user guide or call our helpdesk on 0808 100 6556*

2 Charge

1 Activate batteries by pulling the plastic tab away from the back of the handset.2 Place handset on base to charge.3 After 24 hours, plug the telephone line cord into the telephone wall socket.Important: Charge the handset batteries for 24 hours or your phone may not work.Set up your additional handsets (multipacks only)
1 For additional handsets and chargers: plug the mains power adaptor with the red
connector (item code 039955) into the back of the charger and plug the other end into the mains wall socket and switch the power on.2. Activate batteries as explained above.3. Place handset on the charger to charge for 24 hours.
Your BT Stratus 1500 is now ready for use.
2 Plug in mains power adaptor (item code 039956). 1 Plug in telephone line cord but don’t plug the other end into the wall socket yet.Please turn
Important: Only use the cables and rechargeable batteries supplied in this box, or this product may not work. Any replacement rechargeable batteries must be of the same type.
Check box contents
3 Plug the other end of the power adaptor into the wall socket and switch on.The answering machine will switch on and default to ‘Answer and record’ mode. The base indicator will light up.
HandsetHandset ChargerMains power adaptor (item code 039956)Mains power adaptor (item code 039955)Telephone line
2x AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries2x AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
Contents for each additional handset (multipacks only)

1 Plug in

* Calls made from within the UK mainland network are free. Mobile and International call costs may vary.
BT & Working together, supporting energy saving productsBT & British Gas have joined forces to help our customers nd new ways to save energy around the home, so we can all do our bit for the environment & save money too!

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British Telecom
041391 | 041391
teléfono celular
Manual de usuario (PDF)
TipoTeléfono DECT
Tiempo de grabación12 min
Contestador automáticoSi
Rango máximo en exteriores300 m
Rango máximo en interiores50 m
Características de administración
Características del teléfono
Capacidad para múltiples teléfonos5
Capacidad multibase4
Micrófono mudoSi
Tono polifónicoSi
Capacidad de lista de direcciones100 entradas
Capacidad de almacenamiento SMS60
Ubicación marcador telefónicoAuricular
Gestión de llamadas
Llamada en conferenciaSi
Transferencia de llamada explícitaSi
Identificador de llamadasSi
Marcación rápidaSi
Capacidad de la lista de llamadas30
Capacidad de lista de llamadas10
Botones retroiluminadosNo
Color del productoNegro
Número de líneas en pantalla5 líneas
Ajustes de brilloNo
Puertos e Interfaces
Conexión inalámbricaNo
Otras características
Cámara fotográfica incluidaNo
Compatible con MacNo
Peso y dimensiones
Dimensiones de base130 x 110 x 65 mm
Dimensiones de auriculares (Ancho x Profundidad x Altura)50 x 23 x 170 mm
Peso de auricular102 g
Peso de base192 g
Control de energía
Tipo de bateríaAAA
Tiempo de conversación10 h
Tiempo de reposo100 h
Tecnología de bateríaNíquel-metal hidruro (NiMH)
Capacidad de batería550 mAh
Indicador de capacidad de bateríaSi
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