Char-Broil 15202029 manual

Char-Broil 15202029

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Failure to follow all manufacturer’s instructions could result in
serious personal injury and/or property damage.
Read and follow all safety statements, assembly
instructions, and use and care directions before attempting
Some parts may contain sharp edges. Wear protective
gloves if necessary.
Grease Fires
• Putting out grease fires by closing the lid is not possible.
Grills are well ventilated for safety reasons.
• Do not use water on a grease fire. Personal injury may
result. If a grease fire develops, turn knobs and LP
tank off.
• If grill has not been regularly cleaned, a grease fire can
occur that may damage the product. Pay close attention
while preheating or burning off food residue to insure
• The best way to prevent grease fires is
regular cleaning of the grill following
instructions on General Grill Cleaning and
Cleaning The Burner Assembly.
Using pots larger than 6 quarts in capacity could exceed
weight limit of the side burner shelf or side shelf, resulting
in failure of grill cart components.
NEVER store a spare LP cylinder under or near the
appliance or in an enclosed area.
Never fill a cylinder beyond 80% full.
If you see, smell or hear gas escaping, immediately get
away from the LP cylinder/appliance and call your fire
An over filled or improperly stored cylinder is a hazard
due to possible gas release from the safety relief valve.
This could cause an intense fire with risk of property
damage, serious injury or death.
1. Combustible by-products produced when using this
product contains chemicals known to the State of
California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other
reproductive harm.
2. This product contains chemicals, including lead and
lead compounds, known to the State of California to
cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.
Wash your hands after handling this product.
After a charcoal fire appears extinguished, unconsumed
embers can retain heat for up to 24 hours, and if exposed to
fresh air, can burst into flame unexpectedly. Any such
embers outside the firebox of the grill pose a fire hazard and
can ignite combustible surfaces such as wooden decks.

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Marca Char-Broil
Modelo 15202029
Producto Barbacoa
EAN 0099143020297
Idioma Inglés, Español
Clase de producto Barbacoas
Tipo de archivo PDF
Tipo Ahumador de carbón
Color del producto Negro
Tipo Ahumador de carbón
Color del producto Negro
Rueda de reenvio
Número de ruedas 2rueda(s)
Rueda de reenvio
Número de ruedas 2rueda(s)
Color de las patas Negro
Número de piernas 2pata(s)
Rueda de reenvio
Número de ruedas 2rueda(s)
Tipo de control Giratorio
Número de piernas 2pata(s)
Fuente de calor Gas
Tipo Ahumador de carbón
Función de humo
Potencia total -W
Fuente de calor Carbón vegetal + Gas natural
Ajustes de termostato
Color del producto Negro
Factor de forma Carro
Capacidad de empotrado
Forma de la superficie de cocción Rectangular
Material de la carcasa -
Tipo de superficie superior Parrilla
Peso y dimensiones
Ancho -mm
Profundidad -mm
Altura -mm