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Metal skewers should be flat, with long handles. Round
skewers allow food to roll when turned, so it may not cook
as evenly. Use metal skewers when cooking meat
kabobs. Wooden skewers should be soaked in water for
an hour before use, and are best used for quick cooking
foods such as vegetables and fruits.
Use tongs or a spatula to handle the food instead of a
fork, and don't turn the food too
often. Piercing the food
with a fork will release
juices that you want in
the meat, and may
cause flare-ups.
GRILLING GUIDE – Tips & Tricks
Wood Chips
For extra smoke flavor when grilling, try adding wood
chips. Soak the chips in water for approximately 30
minutes before adding to a smoke box or pan. Place
smoke box or pan on top of the cooking grate above the
flame. Turn grill on high until the wood starts to smoke.
Reduce heat to desired temperature for cooking, and
place food on cooking grate as desired. Close lid to
retain more smoke. Hardwood varieties that work
particularly well with grilled foods include Alder, Apple,
Cherry, Hickory, Mesquite, and Pecan.
USDA Recommended Safe Minimum
Internal Temperatures
145° F
(with a 3 minute rest time)
145° F
Beef, Veal, Lamb, and Pork - Ground 160° F
Egg Dishes 160° F
Chicken &
Pieces &
Ground 165° F
Beef, Veal, Lamb, Steak, Roasts, & Whole Pork
Cooking on your new grill is a hands-on experience, and it is
recommended to remain outside with your grill while
cooking. Grilling can be affected by many external
conditions. In cold weather, you will need more heat to
reach an ideal cooking temperature, and grilling may take
longer. The meat's internal temperature and thickness can
also affect cooking times. Cold and thicker meats will take
longer to cook.
Internal Meat Temperatures
Meat cooked on a grill often browns very fast on the outside.
Therefore, use a meat thermometer to ensure it has
reached safe internal temperatures.
Please refer to the USDA for complete, up-to-date
information. Our internal temperature chart is based on
USDA standards for meat doneness. Check it out at
Sauces containing sugars and fats can cause flare-ups, and
your food may burn. In general, apply these sauces during
the final 10 minutes of cooking. Keep in mind, use of
excessive sauces or glazes will also require extra cleaning
Marinades and Rubs
To enhance the flavor of grilled foods, a liquid marinade or
dry rub can be used prior to cooking. Meat can be either
soaked or injected with liquid marinade up to 24 hours prior
to grilling. Dry rubs can be applied directly to the meat
immediately before grilling.
The Char-Broil® grill is equipped with Gear Trax™,
which allow for the easy mounting of our unique line of
Gear Trax accessories. Please visit for a
complete list of Gear Trax accessories. *Available on
most models.
Cooking surfaces: Ensure no loose bristles remain on
cooking surfaces prior to grilling. It is not recommended
to clean cooking surfaces while grill is hot.
Storing Your Grill
Clean cooking grates.
Store grill in dry location.
When LP cylinder is connected to grill, store outdoors in
a well ventilated space and out of reach of children.
Cover grill if stored outdoors. Choose from a variety of
grill covers offered by manufacturer.
Store grill indoors ONLY if LP cylinder is turned off,
disconnected, and removed from grill. Never store LP
cylinder indoors.
When removing grill from storage, follow the 'Cleaning
the Burner Assembly' instructions in the Use and Care
section of the Product Guide.
Spiders like to make their homes in the venturi tubes of
grills. These must be inspected and cleaned regularly to
ensure there are no blockages. Refer to the Use and
Care portion of this Product Guide for complete
Why Clean?
We've all heard the saying 'An ounce of prevention is worth
a pound of cure'. This is great advice when it comes to
keeping your grill clean.
Routine Care
Periodic cleaning of this grill is necessary, as grill fires can
occur when grease and food debris collect in the bottom of
the grill. After each use, remove any remaining food
particles from the cooking grate and inside of the grill using
a grill brush. Do this after the grill has cooled down. This
grill is not designed to be 'burned off' by closing the lid and
turning the burners on High for an extended time. The
excessive heat generated can cause leftover grease to
catch fire, and can cause permanent damage to your grill.
General Cleaning
Plastic parts: Wash with warm soapy water and wipe dry.
Do not use abrasive cleaners, degreasers or a
concentrated grill cleaner on plastic parts. Damage to and
failure of parts can result.
Porcelain surfaces: Because of glass-like composition,
most residue can be wiped away with baking soda/water
solution or glass cleaner. Use non-abrasive scouring
powder for stubborn stains.
Your Grill
Painted surfaces: Wash with mild detergent or non-abrasive
cleaner and warm water. Wipe dry with a soft non-abrasive
Stainless steel surfaces: Stainless steel can rust under
certain conditions. This can be caused by environmental
conditions such as chlorine or salt water, or improper
cleaning tools such as wire or steel
wool. It can also discolor due to heat,
chemicals, or grease build-up. To
maintain your grill's high quality
appearance, wash with mild detergent
and warm water, or use a stainless
steel grill cleaner. Baked-on grease
deposits may require the use of an
abrasive plastic cleaning pad. Use only
in direction of brushed finish to avoid
damage. Do not use abrasive pad on
areas with graphics.

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Marca Char-Broil
Modelo 463720114
Producto Barbacoa
EAN 41114452279
Idioma Inglés, Francia, Español
Clase de producto Barbacoas
Tipo de archivo PDF
Capacidad de empotrado
Color del producto Negro
Forma de la superficie de cocción Plaza
Material de la carcasa -
Factor de forma Carro
Tipo de superficie superior -
Tapa -
Potencia total -W
Tipo Parrilla
Fuente de calor -
Función de humo -
Rueda de reenvio
Número de ruedas 2rueda(s)
Peso y dimensiones
Ancho 1440mm
Profundidad 451mm
Altura 1090mm
Peso 30844g
Contenido del embalaje
Manual de usuario