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Version 1012-1.0
Your installation experience will vary depending on the system you install the Cache mSATA SSD into—refer to your system’s user manual while installing.
Before proceeding, ensure you have a hard disk drive installed as your primary (target) drive.
1. Ensure all power sources, including the wall power adapter and battery, are disconnected from the system.
2. Disassemble the computer’s casing and locate an available mSATA drive slot.
3. Install the Boost Cache mSATA SSD in the empty slot.
4. Reassemble the computer to its original state and restore power.
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Download the software from www.EDGEMemory.com/support/registercache


Help getting started with your EDGE Boost Cache mSATA Solid State Drive

Thank you for purchasing the EDGE Boost Cache mSATA Solid State Drive (SSD)! This guide is designed to provide you information necessary to install and use the
SSD and software, as well as some precautions to adhere to.
The included Dataplex Cache Software works in tandem with a standard hard drive and the Cache mSATA SSD. Frequently used “hot” data and applications are cached
to the high-performance Boost Cache mSATA SSD. Infrequently used “cold” data and applications stay on the hard drive. The result is a faster, more efficient
computing experience with improved boot times, application loading, and file browsing.
● A computer with Windows 7 installed on the primary SATA Hard Disk Drive (Target Drive).
● A Boost Cache mSATA SSD installed as a secondary drive (Cache Drive).
● One of the following storage controllers: Microsoft AHCI, Intel RAID, Intel AHCI, AMD RAID, AMD AHCI, Legacy IDE.
● DO NOT detach your hard drive (Target Drive) or SSD (Cache Drive) while Dataplex is enabled. Doing so may result in data loss or PC damage.
Uninstall Dataplex first before making any hard drive or SSD changes.
● The target drive must be the primary boot drive. Caching of a secondary drive is not supported.
● Only MBR (Master Boot Record) partitions are supported. GPT (GUID Partition Table) partitions are not supported.
● The Windows Reserved System Partition (100MB partition) must be on the same HDD as the Windows installation (C:\Windows folder).
● Multiple Operating Systems are not supported.
● There is no support for target drives >2TB in capacity.
● Only one cache drive is supported in a system.
● Your computer should be connected to the internet while you install or uninstall the Dataplex software.
● There cannot be two identical Boost Cache SSD drives in the system.
● Your Boost Cache SSD cannot be part of a RAID set.
● If after uninstallation of Dataplex, the system is restored to a prior state in which Dataplex was installed, Dataplex will be started in a disabled state.
Ensure all power sources, including the wall power adapter and battery, are disconnected from your system before installing
Do not expose the SSD to extreme temperatures or sunlight
Do not touch the gold SATA connectors of the SSD
Be conscious of static electricity—wear a wrist strap while installing the SSD to minimize this


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Especificaciones de Edge Boost Cache

A continuación encontrarás las especificaciones del producto y las especificaciones del manual del Edge Boost Cache.

Marca Edge
Modelo Boost Cache
Producto Unidad de estado sólido (SSD )
EAN 652977235802, 6529772358026, 0652977235789, 6529772357890
Idioma Inglés
Tipo de archivo Manual de usuario (PDF)
SDD, capacidad 60 GB
Interfaz Serial ATA III
Factor de forma de disco SSD -
Velocidad de lectura - MB/s
Velocidad de escritura - MB/s
Velocidad de transferencia de datos 6 Gbit/s
Otras características
Interno Si
USB con suministro de corriente Si
Peso y dimensiones
Ancho - mm
Profundidad - mm
Altura - mm
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