Haeger Grillie GR-200.006A

Haeger Grillie GR-200.006A manual

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    Instructions for use 1
    Dear Costumer
    Congratulations on your new product!
    The HÆGER products have been produced to think about the welfare of the consumer privileging the most raised
    standards of quality, functionality and assign. We are sure you will be happy with this appliance.
    To guarantee your appliance works perfectly at all times and for your personal safety, we suggest the following:
    Please read these instructions carefully before using the appliance for the first time, and above all follow the safety
    instructions as well as any warning notices on the appliance.
    If you pass this appliance on to anybody else in the future, please also give him or her, these instructions.
    General safety advice
    Before plugging the appliance in to the mains supply, please check if the supply voltage corresponds to that on
    the make’s nameplate.
    Only use earthed plug and socket for operating this appliance.
    Do not use the barbecue if there is any sign of damage to either the appliance or the cord, or if the appliance
    does not work properly.
    When unplugging, never pull on the cord.
    VERY IMPORTANT: Never immerse in water or other liquids, the heating element, the handle or the cable cord.
    Never leave the appliance unattended while it is in use. Make sure children are away from it.
    Do not place the barbecue under a power socket, or in the vicinity of showers and swimming pools.
    Keep the appliance away from inflammable materials such as carpets and curtains. Keep at least a minimum
    distance of 15 cm from the wall.
    Always place the appliance on a flat, level and stable surface.

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Marca Haeger
Modelo Grillie GR-200.006A
Producto Barbacoa
EAN 5608475008078
Idioma Inglés, Francia, Español, Portugués
Tipo de archivo PDF
Factor de forma Mesa
Capacidad de empotrado -
Color del producto Acero i✗xidable
Forma de la superficie de cocción Rectangular
Material de la carcasa Acero i✗xidable
Material de superficie de cocción Acero i✗xidable
Tipo de superficie superior Parrilla
Tapa -
Potencia total 2000W
Tipo Parrilla
Fuente de calor Eléctrico
Ajustes de termostato
Interruptor de encendido/apagado integrado
Número de placas/bastidores 1
Encendido electrónico
Función de humo
Número de zonas de cocción 1
Control de energía
Voltaje de entrada AC 220-240V
Frecuencia de entrada AC 50Hz
Rueda de reenvio
Patas desmontables -
Número de piernas 4pata(s)
Material de las patas De plástico
Fácil de limpiar
Peso y dimensiones
Ancho -mm
Profundidad -mm
Altura -mm
Contenido del embalaje
Manual de usuario

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