Helen of Troy BH303

Helen of Troy BH303 manual

  • Operating Instructions
    This appliance is intended
    for household use only.
    Bed Head
    styling irons are designed
    for safety and performance. This
    appliance has a polarized plug (one
    blade is wider than the other). As a
    safety feature, this plug will fit into a
    polarized outlet only one way. If the
    plug does not fit fully in the outlet,
    reverse the plug. If it still does not fit,
    contact a qualified electrician. DO NOT
    attempt to defeat this safety feature.
    Ceramic is professionally preferred for
    its high heat that preserves hair's
    natural moisture for styles without
    "frizz." The easy-to-clean barrel emits
    high, constant heat to penetrate hair
    follicles quickly and retain natural
    moisture while minimizing damage for
    soft, luxurious styles.
    The easy-to-clean barrel with
    tourmaline gemstone emits maximum
    hair-conditioning ions and far-infrared
    heat, helping hair retain its own
    moisture for soft, sleek styles in a
    fraction of time.
    Automatic Shut-off
    Your styling iron has an Automatic
    Shut-off feature. Should you forget to
    turn off the styling iron, it will
    automatically shut off after an hour.
    Automatic Worldwide Dual
    This appliance will automatically adjust
    to the proper voltage. In North America,
    connect the plug into any outlet.
    Outside North America, use a plug
    adapter attachment of the proper
    configuration for the appropriate power
    Styling Hints
    Your Bed Head
    styling tool is ideal
    for creating gorgeous spirals in all
    hair types.
    Hair should be clean and dried
    completely before using any styling
    Plug your styling iron into an
    electrical outlet. Push the “On” button
    and wait for the flashing ready light.
    Select the dial setting best suited for
    your hair type. (See guidelines under
    “Heat Control.”)
    Push the “Off” button and unplug the
    styling tool after styling is complete.
    Allow the hair to cool before combing
    or brushing.
    Your styling iron has an Automatic
    Shut-off feature. Should you forget to
    turn off the styling iron, it will
    automatically shut off within an hour.
    Heat Control
    IMPORTANT: When using the
    styling iron for the first time, select the
    LOWEST heat setting and test in one
    small section of hair for 5 to 8 seconds.
    If you want to use a higher setting, be
    sure to GRADUALLY increase the
    temperature. Never style hair for the
    first time on a high setting as this may
    damage your hair. Use only as much
    heat as you need for effective styling.
    Over time, using more heat than is
    necessary can result in hair damage.
    For best results, follow the guidelines
    1. PREP
    Get your hair ready for
    massive volume and
    long-lasting springy styles.
    Before styling, spray Bed
    Queen for a Day
    Thickening Spray throughout
    damp hair to thicken and
    condition. Blow-dry as
    desired and section hair in
    small pieces.
    2. STYLE
    Take a small section of hair
    and put the end under the
    clamp. Hold the spiral iron
    at a vertical angle and rotate
    it while wrapping the hair
    tightly between the spiral
    guides. Hold your Bed
    High-Def Spirals
    in this position for a few
    seconds, depending on your
    hair type. Release the clamp
    and pull the iron out from the
    center of the curl. Repeat
    the process until desired look
    is achieved.
    3. FINISH
    To help set the spirals, curl
    each section of hair around
    the finger to relax the texture
    and create separation.
    Loosen up curls by gently
    *Bed Head
    Queen for a Day Thickening Spray
    sold only in professional salons
    Fine, thin hair LOW
    Wavy to medium hair MEDIUM
    Thick, hard-to-style hair HIGH
Helen of Troy BH303

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Especificaciones de Helen of Troy BH303

Marca Helen of Troy
Modelo BH303
Producto Rizador
EAN 163120273119, 630623003036
Idioma Engels
Tipo de archivo PDF
Detalles técnicos
Sistema de calefacción de cerámica Si
Ajuste de calefacción -
Ionizador No
Apagado automático Si
Color del producto Silver,Violet
Luz de indicación Si
Interruptor de encendido/apagado integrado Si
Pantalla incorporada No
Sistema de calefacción de cerámica Si
Ajuste de calefacción -
Función iónica No
Tipo Rizador de pelo
Efecto alisado No
Efecto rizado Si
Efecto texturizador No
Secado del cabello No
Apagado automático Si
Luz de indicación Si
Interruptor de encendido/apagado integrado Si
Pantalla incorporada No
Color del producto Silver,Violet


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