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  • This Electronic Power Switch features multiple functions like battery capacity indication,
    low-voltage indication, over-current protection, short-circuit protection and thermal
    protection; it can control the ON/OFF of current flow to the receiver, and it is operated by
    only one button, this helped to solve problems like bad contact caused by vibration or
    oxidation of contacts conventional mechanical switches have. As its case is made of plastic,
    it can be easily mounted at any place via the double-faced adhesive tape.
    Besides, the waterproof design makes it applicable for all weather conditions.
    Please connect the JR female connector (Input end) to the receiver battery and plug the JR male connector (Output end) into the Battery channel or any other unoccupied channel on the receiver
    according to the following diagram.
    Thank you for purchasing this HOBBYWING product! Devices used on RC
    models can be dangerous, any improper use may cause personal injury and
    damage to devices, so please make sure to read through this manual before
    use. In that we have no control over the use, installation and maintenance of
    this product or other related electronics, no liability may be assumed nor will
    be accepted for any damages, losses or costs resulting from the use of the
    product. Besides, we don’t shoulder any responsibility for any losses caused by
    unauthorized modifications to our product. The last but not least, we have the
    right to change the product design, appearance, features and operating
    requirements without notice.
    Begin to Use the Electronic Power Switch
    Switching On/Off & Setting
    Explanations for Different LED Status
    Other Protections & Indications
    Switching On/Off
    Setting (Battery Type)
    Battery Type
    Remaining Capacity
    Solid Green
    Solid Orange
    Solid Red
    Blinking Red
    LiPo / LiFe / NiMH
    2S LiPo / 2S LiFe / 5S NiMH
    26.5X19.7X10.5mm (LxWxH)
    Electronic Power Switch
    Switching On:
    Please press the power (/RED) button to turn on the electronic switch after connecting
    it to the battery; then both the POWER LED and the BATT TYPE LED will come solid on.
    (For detailed explanation about LED status, please check the two forms below)
    It’s important to set the battery type properly. If not, then the battery capacity indicator and low-voltage indicator will function abnormally.
    Therefore, when the first time you turn on this switch and find the color of the BATT TYPE LED doesn’t match with the actual battery type, please set
    it again. And you also need to reset the battery type after changing another type of battery. The following part explains how to set the battery type:
    Keep pressing the POWER button after turning on the electronic switch, then the BATT TYPE LED will blink, about 3 seconds later the switch will
    enter the battery type selection mode and the LED will flash Green/Blue/Red circularly; release the button, then you can select the corresponding
    battery type to the color. (Please check the “BATT TYPE LED” form below for reference.)
    Low-voltage Indication
    When the battery voltage goes below the following threshold value for about 2 seconds, the POWER LED will blink RED slowly in this way “,,”, but the electronic switch won’t cut off its power
    output. Threshold Voltage of Different Batteries are listed below:
    For a 2S LiPo: 6.0V;
    For a 2S LiFe: 4.0V;
    For a 5cells Ni-MH: 4.5V;
    Thermal / Overheat Protection
    1. Threshold “Temperature”: 100 (212);
    2. When the internal temperature of the electronic switch goes above 100 (212) for about 2 seconds, the POWER LED will flash RED in the following way “☆☆☆, ☆☆☆, ☆☆☆”, but the switch
    will continue outputting power.
    Over-current / Short-circuit Protection
    1. Trigger condition of the over-current protection: The current is between 20~39Amp and that lasts
    for about 500ms;
    Trigger condition of the short-circuit protection: The current is over 40Amp and that lasts for
    about 500µs.
    2. When the over-current/short-circuit protection is activated, the electronic switch will automatically
    CUT OFF the output and enter the protection; and the POWER LED will blink RED in this way
    ☆☆, ☆☆, ☆☆”.
    Battery Polarity Reversal Protection
    (Note: It only works when no load is connected to the switch)
    1. If it’s not connected to any load, the electronic switch will trigger this protection to stop itself from
    starting up when detected the battery polarity at the input end is reversed.
    2. If it’s connected to some load and the battery polarity is wrong, the receiver and other connected
    devices will get damaged as they get the polarity-reversed voltage from the electronic power switch.
    Switching Off:
    After turning on the electronic switch, press the power button again for about 0.5
    second can turn off the switch and make both LEDs go out.
    Press the power button, then both LEDs will turn solid on. Press the button for about 0.5 second, both LEDs will turn off.
    BATT TYPE LEDDifferent LED color indicates different battery type. POWER LED: For battery capacity indication.
    Electronic Power Switch
    Battery Type
    Input Voltage
    Max. Current
    Either over-current protection or short-circuit protection can cause the
    receiver to lose power supply, so please ensure the current draw of all
    the devices connected to the receiver is below 12Amp (12 Amp is the
    maximum output current this switch can stand).
    For avoiding possible damages caused by battery reversal, we strongly
    recommend disconnecting the JR male connector (Output end) from your
    receiver before connecting this electronic power switch to the battery;
    After connecting to the battery, try to turn on the electronic switch first;
    if you can turn it on normally, then you can plug the JR male connector
    (Output end) into the receiver.
Hobbywing 30850000

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Especificaciones de Hobbywing 30850000

Marca Hobbywing
Modelo 30850000
Producto Juguete de radiocontrol
EAN 6938994401968
Idioma Inglés
Tipo de archivo PDF
Marca compatible Hobbywing
Color del producto Negro
Funciones de protección Resistente al agua
Compatibilidad -
Componente para -
Tipo de producto EPS
Control de energía
Máxima corriente 12A
Peso y dimensiones
Peso 7.5g
Ancho 26.5mm
Profundidad 19.7mm
Altura 10.5mm
Contenido del embalaje
Cantidad 1

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