Hobbywing JUSTOCK-3650SD

Hobbywing JUSTOCK-3650SD manual

    Sensored Brushless Motor
    Safety Notes
    Thank you for purchasing the Justock-3650-G2 brushless motor(s) for RC cars! The high
    power system can be very dangerous, so please read this manual carefully before using and
    follow the operating procedures strictly. In that we have no control over the installation, use
    and maintenance of this product, no liability shall be assumed nor accepted for damages,
    losses or costs resulting from the use of this product. Besides, we own the right to change the
    product design, appearance, functions and operational requirements without any
    Gear Selection
    Assembly and Disassembly
    Model PN
    C. at the
    point of
    M.O.P *
    shaft *
    Pole Stock Rotor W (g) ApplicationsLiPo
    R. (Ω)
    Length of
    Projectiong part
    STOCK/SPORT class (choose the motor as per
    competition rules) of 1/10th, 1/12th On-road (i.e.
    competition touring car or drift, F1, Mini car, and
    etc.) and Off-road (i.e. buggy, 2WD SCT & truck)
    racing, Normal Training, and Rock Crawlers
    (21.5T & 25.5T only).
    3600KV 0.0175
    2800KV 0.0279
    2200KV 0.0462
    Notes: C. at the point of M.O.P. = Current at the point the Maximum Output Power.
    1) The maximum output power is the test value obtained when the voltage is 7.4V, the ESC timing is set to 0°. It is neither the maximum input power nor the rated power. The calculation formula used here is:
    RPM x Torque / 9550.
    2) The value of the maximum output power is always lower than the value of the input power. Therefore, it’s meaningless to compare the maximum output power mentioned in the form above with the input power of
    motors of other brands. Besides, values in the form above may differ from the test data of other factories because of different test benches.
    3) The input current at the point of the maximum output power is useful for the load configuration and the ESC selection; here we strongly suggest users not make the load quota bigger than the “maximum output power
    point”, that means please don’t make the input current larger than the current at the maximum output power point.
    4) As the power of these motors is not big, so they are not applicable for 4WD / Monster trucks and other high weight and heavy load vehicles or games need very great power. If forcibly use them in those conditions,
    perhaps they will get burnt. Hereby, we suggest users choose the 4-pole motor like XERUN-3656 when high power is needed.
    It is very important to select the reasonable gear ratio, as inappropriate selection may cause great loss to users. Please
    select the correct gear ratio according to the following points!
    1. Operating Temperature of the Motor
    During the operation, the motor temperature should be lower than 90 (194). Temperatures above 90 will
    demagnetize the magnet & may melt the coils and eventually damage the ESC (because of strong current). Therefore,
    the most effective way to prevent over-heat is to select the right gear ratio.
    2. Principle of Gear Selection
    To avoid potential risks, caused by overheating, which may lead to ESC/motor damage or malfunction, please start with
    very small pinion and check ESC & motor temperatures frequently throughout a run. This is the only way to guarantee
    that you are not causing excessive heating. If Motor and the ESC temperatures remain stable and low in the running,
    then you can slowly increase the pinion (with more teeth) while again monitoring the temperatures to determine the
    safe gearing for your vehicle and motor. Because the climate and track conditions always change, please keep
    monitoring ESC & motor temperatures to protect your electronics from damage.
    Vehicle Type Battery 10.5T 13.5T 17.5T 21.5T
    Touring Car (for Small track) 7.4V LiPo 5.5:1 4.7:1 4.0:1 3.5:1
    Touring Car (for Big track) 7.4V LiPo 5.0:1 4.0:1 3.5:1 3.0:1
    1/12th Touring Car 3.7V LiPo 42mm 51mm 66mm 66mm
    2WD Buggy 7.4V LiPo 8.0:1 7.0:1 6.0:1 5.5:1
    4WD Buggy 7.4V LiPo 8.0:1 7.0:1 6.0:1 5.5:1
    R2ZZ bearing, 3.175 x 9.525 x 3.967
    For prolonging the motor life and raising its efficiency, we recommend users to check the bearing, and clean the motor regularly; and the specific interval depends on the usage frequency and
    terrains. Please follow the assembly diagram below to assemble the motor, and disassemble in reverse order.
    540 MOTOR BEARING-3.175
    XERUN-V10 & Justock-G2-Rotor-7-12.5 Thin magnet , w/o cooling fan, magnet hole Ø7, O.D. of the magnet:12.5mm
    R2ZZ bearing, 3.175 x 9.525 x 3.967mm
    Replacement Part Part No. Product Name Specifications
    XERUN-V10 & JUSTOCK-G2-Rotor-7-12.3-U Thin magnet / Strong Magnet, w/o cooling fan, magnet hole Ø7, O.D. of the magnet:12.3mm
    Optional Accessories
    Motor Rotor
    3. Gear Ratio(s) Suggested
    The below form shows some rough data about gear ratios (these recommended ratios are reference values
    when setting the ESC to the Zero Timing Mode). If you don’t know how to set the suitable gear ratio, please
    begin with a big ratio (i.e. small pinion) and then adjust as required, or consult with on-site drivers who are
    using the same power unit for basic information.
    Front end bell
    1 2 3 4
    5 6 7
    mount rotor Dirt-proof silicon ring
    Connect female gold connectors to male
    gold connectors
    Sensor board onto back end bell with screws
    Screws for fixing the motor Motor assembledBack end bell
    Screws for Fixing
    the Motor x 3pcs
    Motor Rotor x1pcs
    Stator 1pcs
    Screws for fastening
    the Sensor Board 3pcs
    Dirt-proof Silicon Ring 1pcs
    Sensor board 1pcs
    Back End Bell 1pcs
    Front end bell
    Gold connectors
    sThe use of a heat-resistant magnet attached aluminum case and double insulated windings, high precision bearings, and rotor with a strong structure guarantees outstanding performance and super durability.
    sThe built-in Hall sensor non-adjustable end bell combined with a high precision and balanced rotor guarantees the user a smooth and linear power on demand.
    sThe silicon O-ring seal fitted between the end bell and stator helps to conduct inner heat to the motor case and prevent dust from entering the HALL sensor.
    sCustomized 3.5mm low impedance banana connectors soldered to the motor wires guarantee easy use and firm connections between the ESC and motor.
    sThe detachable structure design for daily cleaning and maintenance can effectively prolong the service life of this Justock motor and improve its operating efficiency.
    sThis motor is perfectly matched with the XR10-Justock ESC for all zero timing spec racing and also compatible with other Hobbywing Electronic Speed Controllers including other brands.
    sThis Justock motor is applicable to various 1/10th, 1/12th on-road & off-road vehicles. It can be an ideal choice for Stock or Sport class races but can also be a nice choice for newbies for practice.
    sThe motor design is in compliance with IFMAR, and ROAR specifications.
    This product is NOT a toy and it is for use by adults and teens over 14 only, so please keep it out of children’s
    reach. Please keep the following points in mind; otherwise it may damage the product and cause property
    loss and physical injuries to users.
    sNever leave this product unsupervised when it is powered on. If any problem occurs, the product may cause a fire
    and jeopardize peripheral devices.
    sPlease check wire sequences between the ESC & the motor carefully before the connection, to avoid any possible mistakes.
    sPlease insure all the wires and interconnecting pieces are well insulated before the connection, as short circuits may
    damage the product.
    sNever allow water, oil, fuel or other conducting liquids to get inside this product or other electronic parts, as these
    liquids may contain harmful minerals for electrical circuits. If that really happens, please turn off the device
    immediately, and then clear and blow-dry it carefully.
    sPlease read through manuals of each power equipment (like ESC, motor, battery, etc) and chassis to ensure the
    power system configuration is rational before the use, as the incorrect power system configuration may result in
    overload and eventually damage the equipments.
    sProhibit the full throttle operation before the pinion installation. Under non-loaded circumstances, over-high RPM
    may cause damage to the motor.
    sMake sure all the parts are well connected, as misconnection or poor connection may lead to abnormal control,
    damage or other unpredictable problems.
    sNever let the temperature of the motor can (shell) exceeds 90°C (194°F), otherwise the motor is likely to be
    damaged and (or) the rotor will be demagnetized.
    Installation & Connection
    1. To Install the Motor
    1) Screws used for installation are 3mm in diameter & 5mm in length. Before mounting the motor onto the vehicle, please
    ensure that all the screws are applicable to avoid damaging the motor. In general it’s ok to adopt screws which are 3 mm in
    diameter and less than 8mm in length; the specific length is up to the chassis size.
    2. To Connect the Motor
    1) Three power wires need to be connected to the motor, and they often differ in colors: Phase wire A is Blue, Phase wire B is
    Yel lo w and P ha se wi re C i s Orange. P lease n ot e the E SC mark w hi le co nn ec ting ES C outpu t wi re s to moto r power w ires a nd
    ensure connections are: A-A, B-B and C-C.
    2) If you are using a sensored ESC, please insure Hall-sensor wires are clean and undamaged; then connect them in the correct
    direction to the sensor ports of the motor & the ESC respectively. Warning: In such a case, the wire sequence of the ESC and
    the motor must strictly follow the rules of A-A, B-B and C-C. Do not change the wires sequence.
    3) While if the ESC is a sensorless one, then connect the motor and the ESC according to the above way may cause the motor
    to rotate in the opposite direction, because definitions of phase (#A / #B / #C) are different among manufacturers, at this time
    you only need to swap any of two wire connections.
    3. Checkup
    Recheck the installation and all the connections carefully before turning on the power.
Hobbywing JUSTOCK-3650SD

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Especificaciones de Hobbywing JUSTOCK-3650SD

Marca Hobbywing
Modelo JUSTOCK-3650SD
Producto Juguete de radiocontrol
EAN 6938994409841
Idioma Inglés
Tipo de archivo PDF
Tipo de producto Motor
Marca compatible Hobbywing
Componente para Coche/Camión
Compatibilidad -
Tipo de Motor Motor sin escobillas
Número de polos 2
Regulación de tiempo progresiva
Diámetro del eje 3.17mm
Color del producto Negro
Constante de velocidad (kv) del motor 3600
Control de energía
Corriente sin carga 2.4A
Resistencia del motor 0.0175
Tecnología de batería Polímero de litio
Peso y dimensiones
Peso -g
Diámetro del motor 35.9mm
Longitud del motor 52.5mm
Peso del motor 183g

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