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  • ST9100C – User Guide
    7 Day Timer, 1 channel, 3 on/off per day
    Honeywell Control Systems Ltd.
    Arlington Business Park,
    RG12 1EB
    Technical Help Desk: 08457 678999
    50022737-002 A
    © 2007 Honeywell International Inc.
    Easy to use slider and buttons combined with ‘LoT’™ Technology and an
    ‘OK’ button, allows you to confi rm changes and stay in control.
    LoT™ Technology provides you with informative ‘on-screen’ feedback and operational
    assistance as and when required.
    Extra Large LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) with Backlight provides added user
    friendliness and clearer viewing – even in the dark.
    7-day Programmes let you choose settings built into ST9100C for each day of the
    week to match your lifestyle, while maximising energy savings, or alter them to your
    personal settings.
    Automatic Summer/Winter Time Change will adjust the clock forward and backward
    automatically when the clocks change, saving you having to change your ST9100C
    every time.
    Built-in Memory holds your programme indefi nitely - even if the mains power fails.
    Energy Effi ciency and the Environment
    Home energy use is responsible for more than ¼ of the total UK carbon emissions
    which contribute to climate change. Heating and hot water systems based on
    boilers account for of this gure, so it is important to understand how your
    controls can help to maximize energy effi ciency while maintaining your comfort.
    Your Timer should be used in conjunction with appropriate temperature controls. In
    order to save energy the following general points should be observed:
    1. Ensure your system contains a room thermostat and a hot water thermostat,
    and that both are set to appropriate temperature levels: typically 20°C for the
    room temperature and between 55 - 60°C for the hot water temperature.
    2. Programme your heating and hot water to be off when you are not in the house.
    If you are concerned about possible frost damage to any exposed pipe work, it
    is advisable to fi t a frost protection system – your installer can advise you about
    3. Think about how you use your domestic hot water if you have a storage
    system, it is not necessary to have this switched on all the time, even when you
    are in the house.
    4. Consider the heat up times required for your central heating. Every home
    responds differently when the heating is switched on. Adjust the start time so
    that you are not cold when you get up in the morning. A shorter heat up time is
    required for other heating periods.
    5. In the evening, when the house is up to temperature, it is often possible to
    switch off the heating up to an hour before you go to bed, without any noticeable
    reduction in comfort.
    Take care to dispose of this product and any packaging or literature in an appropriate way
    This product and its associated documentation and packaging are protected by various intellectual
    property rights belonging to Honeywell Inc. and its subsidiaries and existing under the laws of the UK
    and other countries. These intellectual and property rights may include patent applications, registered
    designs, unregistered designs, registered trade marks, unregistered trade marks and copyrights.
    Honeywell reserves the right to modify this document, product and functionality without notice. This
    document replaces any previously issued instructions and is only applicable to the product(s)
    This product has been designed for applications as described within this document. For use outside of
    the scope as described herein, refer to Honeywell for guidance. Honeywell cannot be held responsible
    for misapplication of the product(s) described within this document.
    Manufactured for and on behalf of the Environment and Combustion Controls Division of Honeywell
    Technologies Sarl, Ecublens, Route du Bois 37, Switzerland by its Authorised Representative Honeywell Inc.
    This document is to be left with the user
    and forms part of a Home Information Pack
    WHAT IS A PROGRAMMER? Explanation for Householders
    (as recommended by the Energy Savings Trust)
    Programmers allow you to set ‘On’ and ‘Off’ time periods. Some models switch the central heating
    and domestic hot water on and off at the same time, while others allow the domestic hot water
    and heating to come on and go off at different times. Set the ‘On’ and ‘Off’ time periods to suit
    your own lifestyle. On some programmers you must also set whether you want the heating and hot
    water to run continuously, run under the chosen ‘On’ and ‘Off’ heating periods, or be permanently
    off. The time on the programmer must be correct. Some types have to be adjusted in spring and
    autumn at the changes between Greenwich Mean Time and British
    Summer Time. You may be able to temporarily adjust the heating
    programme, for example, ‘Override’, ‘Advance’, or ‘Boost’. These
    are explained in the manufacturer’s instructions. The heating will
    not work if the room thermostat has switched the heating off. And,
    if you have a hot-water cylinder, the water heating will not work if
    the cylinder thermostat detects that the hot water has reached the
    correct temperature.
Honeywell ST9100C

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