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HQ Power
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1. Introduction
To all residents of the European Union
Important environmental information about this product
This symbol on the device or the package indicates that disposal of the device after its lifecycle could harm
the environment.
Do not dispose of the unit (or batteries) as unsorted municipal waste; it should be taken to a specialised
company for recycling.
This device should be returned to your distributor or to a local recycling service.
Respect the local environmental rules.
If in doubt, contact your local waste disposal authorities.
Thank you for buying the VDSPRO15 professional passive speaker! Please read the manual thoroughly before bringing
this device into service. If the device was damaged in transit, don't install or use it and contact your dealer.
2. Safety Instructions
Keep this device away from rain and moisture.
Damage caused by disregard of certain guidelines in this manual is not covered by the warranty and the dealer
will not accept responsibility for any ensuing defects or problems.
A qualified technician should install and service this device.
Note that damage caused by user modifications to the device is not covered by the warranty.
Keep the device away from children and unauthorised users.
3. Safety Labels
Please respect the prescriptions on the safety labels!
4. General Guidelines
Important remark: the operation of an amplification system in public or industrial areas is subject to specific safety
instructions. Contact the proper authorities for more information.
Do not shake the device. Avoid brute force when installing or operating the device.
Choose an installation spot where the device will not be exposed to extreme heat, moisture or dust. Don’t leave
cables lying around. They only endanger your own safety and that of others.
Only use the device in an ambient temperature of -5°C to +45°C. Make sure there is sufficient ventilation if the
device is built in.
The relative humidity must not exceed 50%.
Familiarise yourself with the functions of the device before actually using it. Do not allow operation by unqualified
people. Any damage that may occur will most probably be due to unprofessional use of the device.
Never use solvents or aggressive detergents in order to clean the device. Use a soft and damp cloth instead.
Use the original packaging if the device is to be transported.
Removing the serial bar code from the device will void the warranty.
Read the manual attentively before bringing the device into service.
Only qualified personnel
should use this device.
Have a qualified technician
service the device and connect it to the mains. Beware of the high
voltage at the screw connection. Turn off the amplifier before connecting the device.
Loud noise hazard. Protect your ears.

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Ubicación de altavoz Floor, In-wall/in-ceiling, Wall-mountable
Número de dispositivos 1
Tweeter yes
Altavoz yes
Diámetro del tweeter 3
Diámetro del woofer (imperial) 15
Canales de salida de audio 1.0 canales
Ampificador -
Potencia estimada RMS 450 W
Rango de frecuencia 45 - 18000 Hz
Obstrucción 8
Sensibilidad 100
Ecualizador no
Operado remotamente no
Material de la carcasa -
Color del producto Negro
Indicadores LED no
Puertos e Interfaces
Tecnología de conectividad Alámbrico
Tipo de interfaz de altavoz 6, 3 mm
Peso y dimensiones
Ancho 480 mm
Profundidad 410 mm
Altura   780 mm
Peso   37500 g
Medidas para instalación (Ancho x Profundidad x Alto) 480 x 410 x 780 mm
Control de energía
Alimentación No compatible
Otras características
USB no