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  • Standard Components
    Don’t connect the devices to the power pack
    while charging from the AC Wall charger.
    Discharge and recharge this power pack
    periodically if you don’t plan to use it for
    an extended period of time.
    Do not expose the product directly under
    the sun and any places with high
    temperature or humidity.
    The Battery Pack is recyclable.
    Please help the Planet Earth by recycling it.
    AC to DC Wall Charger 5V 2A (Pic. 2)
    2.How to charge your mobile
    devices from power pack:
    Please observe the safety precautions listed in this page carefully.
    Do not expose the product to fire and
    other places with high temperature
    Do not expose the product to water
    Do not use incompatible AC charger to
    recharge FTB12000DUO
    Do not short circuit the positive “+” and
    negative “–”
    45 C
    0 C
    -10 C
    The best using temperature is
    Check the power pack capacity of FTB12000U prior to use:
    Battery Capacity Indicator and Working Status of Power:
    Safety Precautions
    Product Features
    Operation Guidance
    Product Maintenance Trouble Shooting
    DC Input Connector
    USB Out 2
    USB Out 1
    Power On/Off/Check Push button
    LED Indicator
    1.How to charge via
    AC-to-DC power charger
    FTB12000DUO Power Pack (Pic. 1)
    Empty. Time to recharge
    Low capacity (<20%)
    Middle capacity (>50%)
    High capacity (>75%)
    Remarks: LED light - on
    LED light – off
    Suitable for all products
    Stop using if any of the following
    conditions occurred: electrolytic liquid
    leakage, overheating, color change, or
    any other unusual conditions.
    1. FTB12000DUO power-pack (Pic. 1)
    2. AC to DC Wall Charger 5V 2A (Pic. 2)
    3. USB cable (Pic. 3)
    Problems Possible Causes Corrective Actions
    1. The charging time is not enough.
    2. The power-pack or the adapters fail.
    The power-pack cannot be
    fully charged even after being
    recharged for a long time.
    1. Charge the power-pack
    for about 7 hours.
    2. Contact your retailer.
    The power-pack stops working
    suddenly, and/or the capacity
    indicator turn off even though
    there are some capacities.
    The power-pack may be overloaded,
    but it is not likely to be damaged.
    Press power on to activate
    the power-pack.
    The power-pack fails
    to supply power to devices.
    1. The capacity is very low.
    2. Poor connection between components.
    3. Improper connector.
    4. The power-pack doesn’t charge
    certain devices.
    1. Recharge the power-pack.
    2. Reconnect, or replace the
    cable and/or connector.
    3. Select proper connector.
    4. Contact your retailer.
    The power remained in the
    power-pack cannot be read.
    1. Capacity is used up.
    2. The capacity indicator is broken.
    3. The power-pack is broken.
    1. Recharge the power-pack.
    2. Contact your retailer.
    Contact Information
    Thank you for purchasing mobile power pack FTB12000DUO, a super high capacity rechargeable
    battery which can provide power to iPhone all generation, iPod touch all generation, iPod Nano all
    generation, iPad all generation, mobile phones(including HTC/Samsung/Moto/Blackberry/Nokia and
    others), MP3 player, MP4 player, PDA, Bluetooth, Digital Camera, Game player and more.
    It can also provide power to Digital Camcorder, E-book reader, Portable DVD, Portable TV and more.
    Before using this product first time, please read below carefully and follow all instructions and
    warnings. It is also strongly recommended that you keep the manual for future reference.
    Suite 1604-5, Wilson House, 19-27 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong.
    Tel: (852) 2523 2167
    Fax: (852) 2810 1957
    Service and Support: If you have problems installing or using the product,
    please e-mail us at support@iconbit.com
    Power Pack FTB12000DUO Manual
    4. PCS connectors (Pic. 4 - Pic. 8)
    5. User manual
    6. Pouch
    2. Main Parameter
    Battery type: Li-ion polymer batter y
    Life cycle: ~500 cycles
    Nominal Input: DC 5V, 2A
    USB Out1: DC 5V, 1A
    USB Out2: DC 5V, 2.1A
    Capacity: 12000 mAh@3.7V (44.4Wh)
    Size: 99 x 93 x 29mm
    Weight: 285g
    Using Temperature: -10 °C~45 °C
    Charging Time: about 7 hours
    Samsung Galaxy ( Pic.8 )
    Mini USB ( Pic.5 )
    Nokia ( Pic.7 )
    Micro USB ( Pic.4 )USB cable (Pic. 3),
    iPad ( Pic.6 )
iconBIT FTB12000DUO

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Especificaciones de iconBIT FTB12000DUO

El dispositivo compacto que desea sin necesidad de sacrificar la duración de la batería. La batería de polímero de litio...
Marca iconBIT
Modelo FTB12000DUO
Producto Batería externa
Idioma Engels
Tipo de archivo PDF
Compatibilidad del cargador Mobile phone/Smartphone,Tablet,MP3/MP4,GPS,E-book reader
Indicadores LED Si
Color del producto Negro
Control de energía
Voltaje de entrada 5 V
Voltaje de salida 5 V
Corriente de salida 2100 mA
Corriente de entrada 2 A
Tecnología de batería Polímero de litio
Capacidad de batería 12000 mAh
Voltaje de la pila 3.7 V
Peso y dimensiones
Ancho 93 mm
Profundidad 99 mm
Altura 29 mm
Peso 282 g
Puertos e Interfaces
Cantidad de puertos USB 1


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