iWALK Extreme Trio 6,000

iWALK Extreme Trio 6,000 manual

  • Please read the following carefully before using the Trio 6,000. Incorrect use or incompatibility with
    device may result in reduced battery performance or damage to your device.
    01. Please check the voltage compatibility of this product (4.75V~5.25V DC)and the device
    02. Do not insert any metallic object into the Trio 6,000. This may cause the unit to short out.
    03. Please use the Trio 6,000 within the following temperature ranges: -10 – 40 (14 – 104°F)
    04. Do not disassemble or mishandle product.
    05. Do not place product near fire or high-temperature environments, to avoid risk of fire or explosions.
    06. Avoid leaving product in a humid environment.
    07. Keep product out of reach of children and pets.
    08. Product will heat up slightly when charging and discharging.
    09. Product will charge more quickly with a 2.0~2.4A AC charger. It will take a longer to charge the product
    through your computer.
    10. Marked capacity is based on internal 3.7 V standard battery.
    11. In case of abnormalities during usage, stop using the product immediately and contact our service
    Thank you for purchasing this iWALK product. In order for your product to operate properly, please read
    all instructions and usage information contained in this manual prior to use.
    Product Name : Trio 6000
    Model No : UBO 6000
    Capacity : 3.7V 6000mAh (22.2W)
    Battery Type : Lithium polymer battery
    Input : 5V,1.0 2.4A(Only 4 hours for charging Trio if using 2.4A chargernot included)
    Output : 5V, 2.4A(Total / Max)
    - Mono output of built-in Micro USB cable: 5V/0.5-2.0A(Max)
    - Mono output of built-in Lightning cable: 5V/0.5-2.4A(Max)
    - Mono output of USB connector: 5V/0.5-2.4A(Max)
    Dimensions :125 x 70 x 13mm ( 4.9 x 2.8 x 0.5 in)
    Weight : 140g (4.94 oz)
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    Korea Office : 407, Woolim Lions Valley, 144-4, Seongnam-Si, Korea
    U.S. Office : 90 Gordon Drive, Syosset NY, 11791
    U.K. Office : 1 Consort Road, Birmingham, B30 3HD, UK
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    Visit : www.iwalk.net / E-mail : Service@iw
    Ultra-slim backup battery
    with built-in Lightning and
    Micro USB cables
    Lightning cable
    0.5–2.4A (MAX)* 0.5–2.0A (MAX)*
    When Trio is charging,
    __H shows the unit’s
    required charging time.
    When Trio is discharging,
    percentage will decrease
    until auto shutoff.
    Pass-through technology:
    If charging Trio and your
    device simultaneously, Trio
    will begin charging when
    your device is almost fully
    charged. __H will blink when
    Trio begins charging, and
    remain on LCD screen
    while Trio is charging.
    0.5–2.4A (MAX)*
    Micro USB cable
    Rapid charging
    2.4A USB port
    Micro USB charging input
    Anti-skid pad
    Keeps Trio snugly
    against phone when
    placed back to back.
    Short press to start up.
    Backlit LCD
    Charge 3 devices
    Power ON/OFF button
    Charge Apple device
    with built-in Lightning cable
    Charge Android device
    with built-in Micro USB cable
    Pass-through tcehnology
    Operation times may differ depending on device type
    and usage. The Trio starts charging after your device
    is almost fully charged.
    Charging Information
    Charge 3 devices simultaneously
    Charge any USB-based device with a USB cable
    Model no.
    Product name
    Serial no.
    Date of purchase
    Maintenance record
    Our product’s warranty period is 12 months starting from the date of purchase. Within the
    warranty period, free service will be provided if the product has any quality problems (requiring
    warranty card with distributor’s official stamp and valid S/N).
    Paid service: customer will incur a repair charge in the following cases:
    - No valid warranty card or warranty card incompatible.
    - No S/N or S/N incompatible with warranty card.
    - Malfunction caused by artificial damages (like external impact or submerging product into water, etc).
    - Misuse of the product. User has not followed the instructions in the owner's manual.
    - Product disassembled or repaired by individual or unauthorized service center.
    - Damages caused by storing the product in a hot or humid environment.
    Thank you for purchasing this iWALK product.
    Customer service
    Customer name
    ( )Please complete warranty card and use for any future warranty service
    When Trio 6,000 starts to work, there are three status showed
    on LCD as below:
    Backlit LCD
    Battery meter Device charging
    Q & A
    Q: Why won't the Trio 6,000 power on if not used for an extended duration?
    A: When the Trio 6,000 is left unused for an extended duration, it will discharge gradually
    until no power remains. The Trio 6,000 will function normally after 2–3 minutes of charging.
    We suggest charging the product every 3 months to maintain its best functionality.
    Q : Why does the product heat up when it is charging / discharging?
    A : This is a common occurrence, due to power consumption, and will not affect product's functionality.
    The product will not overheat due to its built-in overcharge protection circuitry
    85% 85% 85%
    Charging by 2.4A
    current: fully charged
    in about 4 hours.
    We recommend charging only 1 device while simultaneously charging the Trio. Using the pass-through function to
    charge 2 devices or more, while charging the Trio, could cause voltage overload to the adapter. Please use an AC
    adapter with at least 5V/1.5A output.
    Charging time
    for Trio
    Please disconnect the pr
    Please use qualified adapter (5V / 1.02.4A) to charge the Trio 6,000.
    oduct from the cable once the product is fully charged.
    When your device is almost fully charged, the output current displayed on the LCD
    screen will decrease slightly and the charging process will slow down. This is a feature
    of the Trio's “smart charging system,” designed to protect your device from overcharging.
    (For example, if your device’s standard input current is 1.5A, when your device is almost
    fully charged, the output current displayed on the LCD screen will be lower than 1.5A.)
    Although maximum output current for a single output source could reach 2.4A,
    actual output current shown on the screen depends on the type of device connected.
    The LCD screen will remain on while the Trio is charging or discharging.
    2.7 1.5 0.4
iWALK Extreme Trio 6,000

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Especificaciones de iWALK Extreme Trio 6,000

Marca iWALK
Modelo Extreme Trio 6,000
Producto Batería externa
EAN 6952015415178, 0695215415178
Idioma Inglés
Tipo de archivo PDF
Capacidad de batería 6000mAh
Tecnología de batería Polímero de litio
Voltaje de la pila -V
Fuente de carga DC, USB
Número de ciclos de carga -
Carga rápida
Peso y dimensiones
Profundidad 13mm
Altura 125mm
Ancho 70mm
Color del producto Negro
Certificación MFI
Número de dispositivos conectados simultaneamente (máx.) 3
Material de la carcasa -
Compatibilidad del cargador Universal
Banco de la energía y de los dispositivos de carga de una sola vez
Pantalla incorporada
Tipo de visualizador LCD
Interruptor de encendido/apagado integrado
Control de energía
Corriente de entrada 2.4A
Corriente de salida 2.4A
Voltaje de entrada 5V
Voltaje de salida 5V
Puertos e Interfaces
USB A número de salidas 1
Interfaz de entrada MicroUSB
Conector de carga USB
Conector micro USB
Cantidad de conectores micro-USB 1
Conector Lightning
Contenido del embalaje
Manual de usuario
Cables incluidos MicroUSB


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