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    The Lumiscope L2013 Digital Thermometer accurately measures temperature. The compact, lightweight
    device is durable, waterproof, and features an easy-to-read display — ideal for use by the whole family.
    WARNING: Children must always be supervised by an adult during temperature measurement.
    To ensure accurate temperature measurement, avoid eating, drinking any liquid, exercising, bathing, or
    smoking for fteen minutes before taking a measurement.
    1. Disinfect the thermometer probe with ethyl (rubbing) alcohol. Place a probe cover over the tip of the
    thermometer. Press the On/Off button. “
    ” will display, followed by last recorded temperature. If “
    appears instead, the thermometer has malfunctioned and must be repaired or replaced.
    ” and blinking “°F” will display; the device is now ready for measurement. Place the probe in the
    desired measurement location as described below (oral, underarm, or rectal).
    Oral Use: Place the probe tip well under the tongue. The mouth must remain closed during measurement
    to ensure accurate temperature measurement. DO NOT bend or bite the probe while it is in the mouth. A
    normal temperature by this method is 98.6°F.
    Underarm Use (Axillary):
    Wipe the armpit with a dry towel. Place the probe tip under the armpit and keep
    the arm rmly pressed against the body during measurement to ensure accurate temperature measurement.
    A normal temperature by this method is
    Rectal Use:
    If your doctor recommends rectal temperature measurement, place a probe cover over the
    tip of the thermometer and lubricate the probe cover with a water-soluble jelly for easier insertion. DO NOT
    use petroleum jelly. Gently insert the tip of the probe NO MORE than
    /2 inch into the rectum. STOP if you
    meet any resistance. Hold the thermometer in place during measurement to ensure accurate temperature
    measurement. A normal temperature by this method is 99.6°F.
    3. Once “°F” has stopped blinking, the peak temperature has been reached and a beeper will sound for
    approximately four seconds to signify that measurement is complete.
    4. After noting the measurement, turn the thermometer off, dispose of the used probe cover, and clean the
    thermometer as instructed in the following section, CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS. If the thermometer is
    accidentally left on, it will shut off automatically after ten minutes.
    5. After use, store the thermometer in a safe place, out of the reach of children.
    Note: If the measured temperature is higher or lower than the thermometer's measuring range, or will
    Note: Using a probe cover may result in a 0.2°F difference from actual temperature.
    REMEMBER: Temperature measurements vary from person to person and thermometer to thermometer. Find
    your normal temperature and watch for changes. If you compare measurements between two thermometers,
    it is possible to have two different measurements even if both thermometers are within their accuracy ranges.
    While the thermometer is off, press and hold the On/Off button for approximately two seconds. The last
    measured temperature will display. “M” will also display under the degree (°) symbol.
    Clean the thermometer by washing it with soap and warm water or ethyl (rubbing) alcohol. DO NOT use
    thinners or chemical solvents to clean the thermometer. Wipe it dry with a soft cloth. DO NOT boil it or clean it
    in the dishwasher; this will cause it to malfunction and will void the warranty.
    1. When “ ” displays, the battery needs to be replaced.
    2. Slide the battery cover off in the direction shown at right.
    Use a toothpick or insulated probe to remove the battery.
    DO NOT use any sharp metal object to remove the battery.
    3. Place a new 1.5V battery in the chamber. Insert the battery with the positive (+) side up and the negative
    (-) side down (facing the display).
    4. Slide the battery cover back onto the thermometer and make sure it is securely closed.
    WARNING: Dispose of the old battery properly, out of the reach of children and in compliance with
    local regulations. Swallowing the battery may be fatal. If the battery is swallowed, contact hospital
    immediately to have it removed. DO NOT dispose of the battery in a re; it may explode.
    Prolonged high fever requires medical attention, especially for young children. Contact your physician.
    2. DO NOT drop the device or expose it to heavy shock. The device is not shockproof.
    3. DO NOT store the device in direct sunlight, high temperature, high humidity, or dusty areas.
    4. DO NOT use the thermometer if it operates erratically or the display malfunctions.
    5. Keep thermometer out of the reach of children.
    6. Clean the thermometer probe as described above in “CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS” before storing.
    7. DO NOT attempt to disassemble the device except to replace the battery.
    8. If the thermometer has been stored in below-freezing temperatures, allow the thermometer to warm naturally
    to room temperature before using.
    Measuring Range ..................................................90°F ~ 109.9°F
    Accuracy ................................................................± 0.2°F (95.9°F ~ 107.6°F)
    ...............................................................................± 0.4°F (< 95.9°F or > 107.6°F)
    Power Supply ........................................................One Button Battery: 1.5V LR41, AG3 or equivalent
    Weight / Dimensions ..............................................~ 12 g / 12.2 cm x 1.9 cm x 1 cm
    Ambient Operating Temperature ...........................60.8°F ~ 104°F
    Safe-Test Alarm / Last-Recall Memory / Beeper
    This thermometer has a one-year limited warranty against manufacturer/material defect under normal use. All parts are covered by this
    warranty excluding the battery. The warranty does not cover damage to the thermometer as a result of improper handling.
    To obtain warranty service on your Lumiscope thermometer, please contact the Repair Department at 770-447-1609. There is a $5.00 fee
    for return shipping and handling — please make checks payable to GF Health Products, Inc.
    During the warranty period, upon receipt, we will repair or replace the thermometer as appropriate and return it to you. The warranty does
    not include any associated freight or shipping charges to GF Health Products, Inc. Warranty is solely through the Repair Department.
    Service of this product by anyone other than the Repair Department voids warranty.
    The warranties contained herein contain all the representations and warranties with respect to the subject matter of this document, and
    supersede all prior negotiations, agreements and understandings with respect thereto. The recipient of this document hereby acknowledges
    and represents that it has not relied on any representation, assertion, guarantee, warranty, collateral contract or other assurance, except
    those set out in this document.
    © 2012 GF Health Products, Inc. • www.graham • 2935 Northeast Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30360, USA • 770-368-4700 • Made in China
    Digital Thermometer
    Please read carefully before using
    GF Health Products, Inc. is not responsible for typographical errors. For the most updated and current information on packaging, warranties,
    products and specications, including the most current version of these instructions, please visit our website at www.graham
    Graham-Field and Lumiscope are registered trademarks of GF Health Products, Inc.
Lumiscope L2013

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