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Delivery inventory
1. Hedge trimmer
2. Cutter
3. Sheath
4. Instruction Manual (not shown)
General precautions
- In order to ensure safe operation, the operator must
read this instruction manual to familiarize him or herself
with the operation of the hedge trimmer. Users insufficiently
informed will endanger themselves as well as others due to
improper handling.
- First-time users should have an experienced hedge-trim-
mer user show them how to use the trimmer.
- Lend the hedge trimmer only to persons who are experi-
enced in the use of such machines. Always give the the
instruction manual.
- Persons under 18 years of age must not be allowed to
operate the hedge trimmer. Persons over the age of 16
years may, however, use the hedge trimmer for instruc-
tional purposes as long as they are under the supervision
of a qualified individual.
- Always pay the utmost attention when using the hedge
- Use the hedge trimmer only if you are in good physical
condition. If you are tired, your attention will be reduced. Be
especially careful at the end of a working day. Perform all
work calmly and carefully. The user is responsible for all
damages to third parties.
- Never use the trimmer when under the influence of alcohol,
drugs or medication.
Protective equipment
- In order to prevent, eye, hand and foot injuries as well
as hearing loss, always wear the protective clothing
and gear described in the floowing when working with
the hedge trimmer.
- Clothing should be appropriate, i. e. snugly fitting but not so
tight as to be a hindrance. Do not wear jewellery or clothing
which could get caught on twigs and branches. If you have
long hair, always wear a hairnet!
- The protective glasses or goggles keep cut material out
of your eyes and prevent eye injuries. Always wear eye
protection when using the hedge trimmer!
Should one of the parts listed here be missing, please consult
your sales agent!
- Wear adequate hearing protection equipment (ear muffs,
ear plugs, etc.). Octave brand analysis upon request.
- Work gloves of stout leather are part of the basic equip-
ment of the hedge trimmer and must always be worn when
working with it.
- When using the trimmer always wear sturdy shoes with
anti-skid soles.
Starting operation
- Before starting work check to make sure that the
trimmer is in good and safe working order. This is a
- Do not use the hedge trimmer in the rain or in
wet or very damp conditions. The electric motor
is not waterproof.
- Do not use the hedge trimmer if it is wet or damp.
- Do not use the hedge trimmer near combustible gases or
dust. The motor generates sparks. Explosion hazard!
- Check to make sure that the voltage and frequency of the
power supply correspond to the specifications given on the
indentification plate. Max. back-up fuse 16 A. We
recommend the use of a residual-current-operated circuit
breaker (ground-fault circuit interruptor) or an earth leakage
current protector.
- Make sure that no children or other persons are within 5
meters (17 feet) of the unit during operation. Watch out for
- The hedge trimmer must not be used unless fully assembled!
- Make sure you have a secure footing before starting
- Do not start the hedge trimmer without having a firm
grip on both handles with
both hands! The trimmer is
designed for use by left- or right-handers, and can be used
on both sides equally well.

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