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Omnitronic ELA-100V-2-L
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manualOmnitronic ELA-100V-2-L
100 V TransformerSafety InstructionsConnections
The 100 V transformer was designed for transforming a 100 V PA signal into a line input signal. Hence, an
additional AF amplifier with line input can be inserted at any position of a 100 V line. The transformer
operates in passive mode, i.e. it does not require any operating voltage.
For connecting a 100 V audio signal source to units with line input
100 V input with screw plug terminal
RCA and XLR output, unbalanced
Adjustable Line output level (0-1.5 V at 100 V input voltage)
Insulated plastic housing
Input and output are DC separated
No power supply via power unit or battery necessary
Before your initial start-up, please make sure that there are no transport damages.
Should there be any, do not take the device into operation and immediately consult your
Operate the device only after having familiarized with its functions. Do not permit operation by
persons not qualified for operating the device.
This product was designed for indoor use only. Protect the device against humidity and heat. The
ambient temperature must always be between C and 35° C. Keep away from heaters and other
heating sources!
Maintenance and service operations are only to be carried out by authorized dealers. Damage,
caused by manual modifications on the device are not subject to warranty. If the device is used for
other purposes than originally intended or if it is not correctly connected, the product may suffer
damages and the guarantee becomes void.
High voltage at terminal. Installation by skilled personnel only!
The 2-pole screw terminal serves as signal input. Connect this terminal to the 100 V PA line. To
facilitate handling, the terminal can be removed from its plug-in connection on the unit and replaced
after connection.
Connect the line input of the unit to be connected to RCA or XLR jack of the transformer. The
configuration of the XLR jack is as follows:

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ELA 100V2L

ELA 100V2L

1: Ground
2: In Phase (+)
3: Ground
Cleaning and MaintenanceTechnical Specifications
For fine adjustment, the output level can be adjusted with the potentiometer next to the screw
terminal. The output voltage always depends on the input voltage, i.e. it will change with
the volume adjusted on the PAamplifier.
We recommend a frequent cleaning of the device. Please use a soft lint-free and moistened cloth.
Never use alcohol or solvents!
There are no serviceable parts inside the device. Maintenance and service operations are only to
be carried out by authorized dealers.
Should you need any spare parts, please use genuine parts.
Should you have further questions, please contact your dealer.
Input: ..................................50 - 100 V
Outputs: .............................RCA, XLR
Dimensions: .......................157 x 90 x 60 mm
Weight: ..............................500 g
Please note: Every information is subject to change without prior notice. 20.09.2007 ©

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