Oregon Scientific Barbie Fashion Tablet

Oregon Scientific Barbie Fashion Tablet manual

  • Dear Parent/Guardian,
    Thank you for choosing the Barbie™ Fashion Tablet.
    Designed with fun in mind,
    the Barbie™ Fashion Tablet is packed with
    stimulating games and activities that will
    make an invaluable contribution to your child’s development.
    The activities used to help further your child’s skills include
    writing skills, art, reex, mathematics, memory, logic, music and
    The Barbie™ Fashion Tablet provides a dependable and
    realistic introduction to a computer tablet, and
    encourages creativity and independent learning.
    Learning with Barbie™ is so much fun!
    BARBIE and associated trademarks and trade dress are owned by,
    and used under license from, Mattel, Inc.
    © 2012 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserve
    The Barbie™ Fashion Tablet is supplied with the following
    parts (please contact your retailer should any parts be missing):
    1 - Unit
    2 - Instruction manual
    3 - Stylus pen
    4 - USB cable
    5 - Case
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 1
    Game theme
    selection instant
    access buttons
    Power button
    touch screen
    Getting Started
    The Barbie™ Fashion Tablet operates
    on 3 “AA” size batteries.
    Battery Installation
    1. Make sure the unit is turned off.
    2. Open the battery cover at the back of the
    unit using a coin or straight blade
    3. Insert 3 “AA” size batteries (note the
    correct polarity: +, - ).
    4. Replace the cover.
    The underside of the tablet has a thick wall
    which may present slight difculty when
    changing the batteries. It is recommended
    that adults help children to change the
    batteries using a suitable tool.
    About the Barbie™ Fashion Tablet
    30 English Activities
    • Fashion
    • Design
    • Shopping
    • Pets
    • Music
    • Party
    • Games
    • Gadgets
    • Digital sound and animation
    • LCD touch screen
    Automatic shut-down
    • Touch screen with writing
    • QWERTY keyboard
    • Number keys
    • Home key
    • Fun animation buttons
    • Game selection instant
    access buttons
    • Volume control buttons
    • Backlight button
    • Music on/off button
    • The voice of Barbie
    • USB plug
    • Remove exhausted batteries from the toy.
    • Do not short-circuit the supply terminals.
    Starting the Barbie™ Fashion Tablet
    In order to play and access all 30
    games in the Barbie™ Fashion Tablet,
    please pull and remove the Try-Me tag
    before turning on the unit. Turn on the
    Barbie™ Fashion Tablet by pressing
    the “
    ” button located on the
    top right hand corner of the tablet or by
    pressing on the “Home” button located
    at the center, in the bottom of the tablet.
    At the end of a session, remember to
    turn off the power by pressing the
    ” button.
    If there is no input on the unit after a few minutes,
    and the players name has not been input into the
    tablet, the unit says “OK! Let’s play again soon!”
    and automatically turns itself off to conserve
    power. To start playing again, just press
    button or the “home” button to
    turn the unit back on.
    Storage & Care
    To ensure that the product enjoys a long life, please follow these
    simple rules:
    • Regularly examine the unit for damage to the cord, plug,
    enclosure and other parts. In the event of such damage, the unit
    must not be used until the damage has been repaired.
    Always disconnect the power supply before cleaning.
    • Keep the unit clean by wiping the exterior of the unit with a dry
    At the end of each game round (consisting of ten questions in
    most games), after the successful completion of all levels in
    an activity, or if the time is up, a summary score screen will be
    shown so the player can see how well they have done. A “Play
    Again?” screen will appear and the player can choose if they
    want to play again or exit and choose another activity.
    Time Limit
    For most games, the player has from 30 to 120 seconds to answer
    depending on the question and game.
    Useful Features and Controls
    Touch Screen
    Touch the screen to draw, write, select and scroll through the
    game plays.
    The Barbie™ Fashion Tablet features a
    fully functional computer keyboard.
    Instant Theme Access Buttons
    Pressing an instant access button will bring the player to a list of
    activities in that category.
    Press the “Home” button to turn on the product. If the product
    is on, press the “Home” button to exit the screen currently on
    display and return to the previous menu.
    Press the volume controls to adjust the volume.
    Home button
    Power button
    Home button
    USB socket
    Battery cover
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 1
    • Do not mix different types of batteries or old and new batteries
    • Only use batteries of the same or equivalent type as recommended.
    • Remove all batteries when replacing.
    • Remove batteries if the unit is not going to be used for long
    periods of time.
    • Do not dispose of batteries in fire.
    • Do not recharge non-rechargeable batteries.
    • Remove rechargeable batteries from the toy before charging them.
    • Rechargeable batteries should only be charged under adult
    Avoid getting the unit wet.
    • The unit should not be dismantled.
    Always store the unit away from direct sunlight and high
    Avoid leaving the unit in a car where it is exposed to direct
    • The unit should not be subjected to extreme force or shock.
    Game Rules and Selection
    Game Theme Selection
    There are 8 themes in the Barbie™ Fashion Tablet: Fashion,
    Design, Shopping, Pets, Music, Party, Games and Gadgets.
    The main theme selection menu will automatically scroll to the next
    theme every 5 seconds. The player can also touch the left and right
    arrow keys displayed on the screen to scroll to the next theme and
    touch on the image or press “Enter” to select.
    All the games under
    a theme
    are listed in the game title selection menu. The player can
    touch the up and down arrow keys on the
    screen to scroll through the activity names
    and touch the title or press “Enter” to play.
    Alternatively, the player can press one of the
    instant theme access buttons to go straight to a
    particular game theme. Every 15 seconds, if the unit is idle, Barbie
    will say “Pick a theme to play! Touch the picture to start!”.
    In most activities the player will have three attempts per question.
    will reveal the correct answer after three incorrect attempts.
    If there is no input after 15 seconds, Barbie
    will repeat the
    instruction prompt.
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Press the contrast controls to adjust the
    Press the
    button to see a demonstration of some of the
    exciting features and activities in the Barbie™ Fashion Tablet.
    Press the
    button to reveal the correct answer to a question.
    The player needs to think carefully before pressing this button as
    no points will be awarded for that question.
    Press the button for extra hints to a question. Using this
    function will reduce the total score for the current question.
    Not all games have this function.
    Press the
    button to repeat a question or an instruction.
    Backlight Button
    Press the button to change the backlight from seven different
    colours or to turn it on and off.
    Press the
    button to submit an answer.
    Press the
    button to delete the previously entered letter,
    number or drawings.
    Press the
    button to pause game play. Press this button again to
    resume game play.
    Press the
    button to play a short and fun animation with music.
    Fhi Tabl
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    6 7 8

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