Philips AVENT SCF251

Philips AVENT SCF251 manual

    For your child’s safety and health
    Warning: Always use this product under adult
    supervision. Continuous and prolonged sipping
    of uids will cause tooth decay. Never use
    feeding teats as a soother. Keep all items not in
    use out of reach of children. Do not heat up
    any liquid or food in the microwave. DO NOT
    allow children to play with small parts. DO
    NOT allow children to walk or run while they
    use bottles or cups. To avoid scalding, let hot
    liquids cool down before preparing the feeds.
    Always check food temperature before feeding.
    DO NOT use the trainer kit with glass bottle.
    This product is not suitable for hot, zzy or
    pulpy drinks, if they are used, they should be
    well diluted and only used for limited periods,
    not constantly sipped. Before use: Inspect all
    items and throw them away at rst sign of
    damage or weakness. Pull the Natural teat in all
    directions (g. 1) and place it in boiling water
    for 5 minutes, this is to ensure hygiene. Clean
    and sterilise the product (see section ‘Cleaning’).
    For optimum performance, pinch and massage
    the number on the teat between index nger
    and thumb (g. 3). Assembly: When you
    assemble the trainer kit, make sure you place
    the cap vertically onto the screw ring so that
    the teat sits upright (g. 4). To remove the cap,
    place your hand over the cap and your thumb
    in the dimple of the cap (g. 6).The teat is
    easier to assemble if you wriggle it upwards
    instead of pulling it up in a straight line. Make
    sure you pull the teat through until its lower
    part is even with the screw ring (g. 2).
    Cleaning: Clean all items after each use to
    ensure optimal hygiene. 1 Rinse all items
    thoroughly with warm water. Caution: Do not
    use abrasive cleaning agents, antibacterial
    cleaning agents or chemical solvents. Excessive
    concentration of cleaning agents may eventually
    cause plastic items to crack. If this occurs, replace
    them immediately. 2 Sterilise all items in a
    steriliser or boiling water for max. 5 minutes.
    The trainer kit is also suitable for all standard
    sterilisation methods. Note: Wash your hands
    thoroughly and make sure surfaces are clean
    before contact with sterilised items. Do not
    sterilise any part of the trainer kit in the
    microwave without using a microwave steriliser.
    3 After sterilisation, let all items cool down for
    5 minutes. The trainer kit is dishwasher safe,
    food colourings may discolour parts; however,
    discolouration does not affect the quality of the
    product. Teat: Make sure you use a Natural
    teat with the correct ow rate when you feed
    your baby. For hygiene reasons, we advise you
    to replace the Natural teat after 3 months.
    Do not leave the Natural teat in direct sunlight
    or heat, or leave it in sterilising solution for
    longer than recommended, as this may weaken
    the teat. Breast milk: Expressed breast milk
    can be stored in sterilised AVENT
    polypropylene bottles/containers in the
    refrigerator for up to 48 hours (not in the
    door), and in the freezer up to 3 months
    (bottles) or 6 months (containers) in a
    zero-degree freezer. Never refreeze breast milk
    or add fresh breast milk to already frozen milk.
    Storage: Keep Natural teats in a dry and
    covered container. Compatibility: This trainer
    kit is compatible with the Philips AVENT bottle
    range. Only use Philips AVENT Natural teats
    with this trainer kit. Ordering spare parts
    and accessories: Spare Natural teats and
    spouts are available separately. To buy accessories
    or spare parts, visit
    service, go to your Philips dealer, or contact
    the Philips Consumer Care Centre in your
    country. Guarantee and support: If you
    need information or if you have any problem,
    please visit the Philips website at
    Register your product and get support at
    Philips Consumer Lifestyle BV
    Tussendiepen 4
    9206 AD Drachten
    The Netherlands
Philips AVENT SCF251

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Especificaciones de Philips AVENT SCF251

Marca Philips AVENT
Modelo SCF251
Producto Botellas para beber
EAN 0871010364836, 0871010364837, 0871010368633, 8710103648369, 8710103648376, 8710103686330
Idioma Español, Portugués, Inglés, Italiano, Polaco, Ruso, Turco, Eslovaco, Griego, Húngaro, Esloveno, Croata, Ucranio
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