Philips hue 729976148

Philips hue 729976148 manual

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    10275 W. Higgins Road
    Rosemont, IL 60018, USA
    Last update: 06/28/13
    LivingColors / LightStrips
    01 02 03 0504
    The manufacturer advises the correct use of Luminaires (lighting xtures)! Therefore
    always follow these instructions to ensure correct and safe installation and functioning
    of the luminaire and keep it for future reference.
    Turn off electrical power at main fuse or circuit breaker box before commencing installation,
    maintenance or repair.
    • If in doubt, consult a quali ed electrician or contact your retail outlet. Ensure that you
    always install the luminiare to the local electrical code. Certain regulations indicate that
    luminaires should be installed by a quali ed electrician.
    • Observe the correct color of the wiring before installation: white or white tracer (Neutral),
    black or black tracer (Line), green or bare copper wire (Ground) and green tracer for
    bonding purpose.
    • Do not connect this luminaire to a non-grounded electrical system. WARNING: Installing
    this xture in a non-grounded electrical system could allow metal parts of the luminaire
    to carry electrical current if any wires or wire connections become broken or loose.
    Under this condition, anyone coming in contact with the luminaire is subject to electric
    shock which could cause injury or death.
    Always use wire nuts/connectors rated for the correct gauge and number of wires used.
    CAUTION: Be certain that no bare wire strands are exposed outside of the wire nuts/
    connections (if applicable).
    • Be careful not to damage or cut the wire insulation (covering) during installation. Do not
    permit wires to contact any sharp edges.
    • Do not remove thermal insulation pad(s). Doing so will result in increased temperatures
    and possible risk of re.
    • Maintain interior lighting with a dry cloth duster, do not use abrasives or solvents. Avoid
    liquid on all electrical parts.
    Always consider all the technical speci cations of the luminaire. Verify the stated icons on
    the identi cation label on the luminaire and the icons that are shown in part A of your
    safety instructions.
    ATTENTION: Below you will nd all the explanations with numeric reference to the
    icons respectively in front of these PART-B safety instructions. Applicable icons to your
    xture are shown in PART-A safety instructions.
    01- This luminaire should only be installed indoors.
    02- Only suitable for dry locations.
    03- This product is not suitable for children under 14 years.
    04- Suitable for under-cabinet mounting.
    05- Philips LivingColors/LightStrips is based on ZigBee LightLink, an open standard for
    wireless communication within the home. All Philips ZigBee LightLink Certied products
    can be connected with other Philips ZigBee LightLink Certied products.
    The Luminaire – as well as all other products from the collection – is designed and tested
    in accordance with the strictest national safety standards. In case of construction faults
    or material damages, the manufacturer gives a guarantee up to 2 year (unless otherwise
    stated on the packaging). Light bulbs and batteries do not fall under the guarantee terms.
    Most ballasts, transformers, electronic drivers and emergency battery packs are covered
    by separate ballast manufacturer’s warranties, contact Philips for exceptions. Any damage
    caused to the luminaire in extreme conditions (coastal areas, industrial surroundings, farm
    environments) will not be covered by the guarantee. The period of guarantee starts from
    the purchase date and is only valid on presentation of receipt. The guarantee is void if the
    luminaire was not installed following the instructions or repaired or modied. The
    manufacturer does not accept any liability for damage caused as a result of misuse or
    wrong application of the luminaire.
    Alterations in design and technical specications reserved.
    © Copyright Philips
Philips hue 729976148

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Especificaciones de Philips hue 729976148

Marca Philips
Modelo hue 729976148
Producto iluminación
EAN 0046677797867, 46677797867
Idioma Español, Inglés, Francia
Tipo de archivo PDF
Color del producto Blanco
Material de la carcasa Aluminio
Número de bombillas 1bombilla(s)
Accesorio regulable
Sistemas operativos móviles soportados Android, iOS
Código IP (International Protection) IP20
Clase de protección II
Habitaciones Bedroom, Living room, Children's room
Adecuado para todo tipo de luz Ambiente
Tipo de bombilla LED
Cambia de color
Efecto de luz difusa
ZigBee certificado
Potencia de bombilla 8W
Estilo de iluminación Expresivo
Detalles técnicos
Tipo de producto Lámpara de mesa
Control de energía
Voltaje de entrada AC 100 - 240V
Frecuencia de entrada AC 50 - 60Hz
Peso y dimensiones
Altura 226mm
Profundidad 221mm
Ancho 114mm
Peso 420g
Altura del paquete 117mm
Ancho del paquete 201mm
Profundidad del paquete 183mm
Peso del paquete 760g

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