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Plextor M8SEGN manual

  • M8Se Series M.2 2280 NVMe SSD
    PCIe Gen 3 x4
    Streamlined and Efficient Heat Sink Design
    Plextor's M8Se series is packed with highly advanced and efficient features in an
    elegant, highly-streamlined design comparable to the wind tunnel test for race cars.
    The streamlined heat sink dons a stylish blue and black design provides unparalleled
    heat conduction capabilities that rapidly expels heat generated by super high-speed
    data transmission. This effectively helps optimize system resources to deliver
    full-speed operating conditions.
    A New Generation of High-Speed Transmission Standards
    The M8Se series is powered by the latest generation NVMe PCIe Gen 3x 4 super
    high-speed transmission interface that delivers high bandwidth and low that allows
    sequential read/write access speeds of 2,450/1,000 MB/s and random read/write
    speeds of 210,000/175,000 IOPS. Whether it’s for work, fun, or multimedia
    applications, the M8Se is the perfect solution to speed up your system and provide
    the ultimate user experience.
    Superior Quality TLC Device and Firmware Technology
    The keys to Plextor's high quality M8Se series is the TLC NAND flash and flagship
    controller chip, LDPC error correction technology and the exclusive PlexNitro, write
    acceleration technology, all combined to provide amazing performance, durability,
    and stability. Plextor offers advanced TLC SSDs to satisfy consumers' demand for
    the best cost-performance ratio on the market.
    Plextor's Flawless Quality Control
    The M8Se series maintains the high standard for flawless quality set by Plextor; it
    has passed rigorous inspections with the most advanced SSD testing laboratory in
    the world allowing not a single error or fault (Zero Error). The "Plextor endurance
    testing mechanism" simulates a range of professional read-write scenarios which
    guarantees the product of its astonishing 1.5 million hours of mean time between
    failures (MTBF). Plextor offers a three-year extended warranty and technical
    support for provide users with a peace of mind.
    Product Feature
    Supports the latest generation
    of NVMe High-Speed
    Transmission Standard
    Sequential read/write
    speed of 2,450/1,000 MB/s;
    random read/write speeds of
    210,000/175,000 IOPS
    Latest generation of LDPC to
    guarantee accuracy and stability
    during data transmission
    Exclusive PlexNitro cache
    Available in HHHL and M.2 form
    Comes in 4 capacities:
    128/256/512 GB and 1TB
    3 year extended warranty to
    guarantee a worry-free user
    Eye-catching, advanced specifications designed with
    dynamically streamlined technology, the M8Se offers the best
    cost-performance ratio with the NVMe high-speed transmission
    interface support and high performance TLC NAND flash
    adoption. On top of that, the exclusive performance boosting
    firmware, PlexNitro, is also included.
    Ultrafast, Dynamic
    and A thing of Beauty
Plextor M8SEGN

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Especificaciones de Plextor M8SEGN

Marca Plextor
Modelo M8SEGN
Producto Unidad de estado sólido (SSD )
Idioma Inglés
Tipo de archivo PDF
SDD, capacidad 1000 GB
Interfaz PCI Express 3.0
Velocidad de lectura 2450 MB/s
Velocidad de escritura 1000 MB/s
Lectura aleatoria (4KB) 210000 IOPS
Escritura aleatoria (4KB) 175000 IOPS
Componente para PC
Tipo de memoria TLC
Litografía 15 nm
Carriles datos de interfaz PCI Express x4
Soporte S.M.A.R.T. Si
Soporte TRIM Si
Comprobación de paridad de baja densidad (LDPC) Si
Sistema operativo Windows soportado Si
Sistema operativo Linux soportado Si
Tiempo medio entre fallos 1500000 h
Factor de forma de disco SSD M.2
calificación TBW 80
Otras características
Color del producto Verde
Detalles técnicos
Certificados de sostenibilidad RoHS
Condiciones ambientales
Intervalo de temperatura operativa 0 - 70 °C
Golpes en funcionamiento 1500 G
Peso y dimensiones
Ancho 22 mm
Profundidad 80 mm
Altura 3.65 mm
Peso 10 g