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Powertraveller Powergorilla manual

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    is the trademark of
    Powertraveller Limited registered in
    the UK and Europe
    AC transformer:
    roam wild with portable power for your notebook
    Roam wild...
    stay wired to the world
    powergorilla is the portable charger to keep your
    notebook going for hours... and hours. Robust
    and rechargeable, this hard working primate will
    even charge your cell phone, iPod, handheld
    game console while it powers your notebook
    Work hard and play hard – with powergorilla, to
    keep you in the game longer.
    Each kit contains:
    Neoprene zip case
    (with additional compartment for connectors).
    12v car charger socket.
    Worldwide A/C adaptor which works in over 150
    countries and has interchangeable heads for UK,
    US/Japan/China, Australia and Europe.
    Connector pack 1: 8 male straight + 7 female right
    angled tips.
    Connector pack 2: Nokia & mini Nokia, Motorola
    V66, Samsung G600, LG Chocolate and Sony
    Ericsson wide connectors.
    mini USB for Motorola Razr V series, BlackBerrys
    and Bluetooth headsets.
    Micro USB for latest Motorola and Nokia series.
    DC4.0 connector for Sony PSP.
    80cm laptop charging cable.
    User guide.
    Warranty Card.
    Other tips can be purchased from:
    Powertraveller Limited
    8 Delta Park, Wilsom Road
    Alton, Hampshire
    GU34 2RQ, UK
    t +44 (0) 1420 542980
    How to use your powergorilla
    Turning powergorilla on/off
    • Hold down ON/OFF black button 5 seconds to activate.
    • LCD screen lights blue to indicate powergorilla is awake.
    • LCD backlight switches off after 10 seconds.
    • Use ON/OFF button to re-activate blue LCD light.
    • To turn unit off press ON/OFF button for 5 seconds.
    To power your notebook
    • Hold down ON/OFF black button to turn powergorilla on.
    • Press button to select 8.4v/9.5v/12v/16v/19v or
    24v output.
    • Voltage setting you select is auto-saved ready for next use.
    • Select the correct straight connector from pack 1 for your
    notebook. Connect to notebook using supplied 80cm
    charging cable and plug end of the cable into the DC OUT
    on the top right of the powergorilla unit.
    • When powergorilla is connected to the mains by
    supplied 16v AC charger and is also charging a notebook
    simultaneously, the output voltage will be pre-determined
    by the input voltage. (eg. In this case, if a 16v charger is
    being used, the powergorilla will only output 16v) If your
    device requires lower voltage, disconnect from the mains
    and continue charging the device with the powergorilla. If
    your device requires higher voltage, you need to use your
    notebook’s AC mains charger to charge the powergorilla
    and device at the same time.
    Visit www.powertraveller.com for updated compatibility list
    To charge other devices
    • Use powergorilla for your iPod, iPhone, iPod touch, PDA,
    MP3/MP4, Sony PSP, sat nav and other digital devices.
    • Turn unit on and connect device to the 5v USB port.
    • Connect correct connector tip for your device from
    connector pack 2 included in this kit.
    • Connect to device using USB cable.
    powergorilla can be charged from the AC wall socket, power
    your notebook and charge your cell phone simultaneously.
    There is no need to disconnect powergorilla from the AC
    socket while powering notebook.
    What voltage do I select?
    Select the right charge for your notebook by checking the
    voltage indicated on the base of your transformer, or your
    notebook’s user guide.
    Output capacity
    21,000 mAh in 5v mode 12,500 mAh in 8.4v mode
    11,000 mAh in 9.5v mode 8,750 mAh in 12v mode
    6,500 mAh in 16v mode 5,500 mAh in 19v mode
    4,200 mAh in 24v mode
    Output currents
    5v = 1A max output 8.4/9.5/12v = 3A max output
    16v = 2.5A max output 19v = 2.5A max output
    24v = 1.5A max output
    Check remaining charge
    The level of charge remaining in your powergorilla is clearly
    displayed by the 6 vertical bars in the bottom right corner
    of the blue LCD screen. The battery symbol on the left
    flashes indicating charging is required.
    • High energy rechargeable battery.
    • 2-6 hours notebook power (depending on the
    voltage setting and the notebook’s specification).
    • Can be used internationally.
    • Robust and compact.
    • Also charges your cellphone and other
    digital devices.
    • Powers most camcorders, netbooks, laptops,
    radio receivers, GPS, etc.
    • Powers your notebook and recharges other digital
    devices at the same time.
    • Output auto-lock to ensure notebook safety.
    Safety features
    • Voltage limitation protection.
    • Current limitation protection.
    • Short circuit protection.
    • Anti-discharge protection.
    • Over-charging protection.
    • Over-heat protection (powergorilla will auto shut-off
    if the internal battery overheats due to prolonged
    exposure to sunlight or other heat source).
    To run powergorilla with a Mac, you need to purchase
    a MagSafe (not included) and use with the in-car socket
    which comes with the powergorilla. Select 16v on the
    All connectors are clearly marked. Use right angled
    connector tips with your notebook’s AC charger for
    charging powergorilla. Plug tip into ‘IN’ socket at the
    top left of powergorilla. Straight connector tips are used
    with the supplied 80cm charging cable that connects the
    powergorilla to your notebook via the ‘OUT’ socket at
    top right of the unit.
    Colour of tips may vary.
    Charging options, AC/mains or solar.
    (Visit www.solargorilla.com)
    Only selected voltage of charge
    is displayed
    Bars indicator shows remaining
    charge in powergorilla
    Battery indicator flashes,
    indicating that powergorilla
    requires charging
    Connector pack 1 Connector pack 2
    To recharge your powergorilla
    • Recharges to 100% in 2-3 hours.
    • Use the AC charger supplied to recharge powergorilla.
    Connect the AC/mains adaptor and fig 8 lead to the
    transformer and plug the tip at the end into the DC IN on
    the top left of powergorilla.
    • Use only the right angled tips for charging the powergorilla
    when using the AC charger supplied with your notebook.
    Connect your notebook’s AC/mains adaptor with the
    correct right angled tip and plug it into the DC IN on
    the top left of the powergorilla.
    • You can also recharge powergorilla from the sun using
    solargorilla (not included). Select L52d tip for the
    powegorilla and connect it to the solar panel with the 2m
    charging cable supplied with the solargorilla.
    If notebook is in use while powergorilla is connected,
    the notebook’s battery level indicator may not increase.
Powertraveller Powergorilla

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Especificaciones de Powertraveller Powergorilla

Marca Powertraveller
Modelo Powergorilla
Producto Cargador de emergencia
EAN 5060176980334
Idioma Inglés
Tipo de archivo PDF
Número de dispositivos conectados simultaneamente (máx.) 1
Color del producto Negro
Material de la carcasa Aluminium, Rubber
Compatibilidad del cargador Activity tracker, Dictaphone, Digital camcorder, Digital camera, E-book reader, Flashlight, GPS, MP3/MP4, Mobile phone/Smartphone, Notebook/Netbook, PDA, Portable speaker, Smartwatch, Tablet
Banco de la energía y de los dispositivos de carga de una sola vez
Forma Rectángulo
Agujero de suspensión
A prueba de agua
A prueba de golpes
Resistente al polvo
Acorde RoHS -
Productos compatibles SLR Cameras
Hand-held Cameras/Action Cameras
iPhones/Smart Phones
Mobile Phone
PSP/Hand-held/Games Consoles
Head Torches
Hand-held Cameras/Action Cameras
Mobile Phone
PSP/Hand-held/Games Consoles
Head Torches
Pantalla incorporada
Tipo de visualizador LCD
Interruptor de encendido/apagado integrado
Tecnología de batería Polímero de litio
Capacidad de batería 24000mAh
Fuente de carga CC
Capacidad de batería (vatio-hora) 88Wh
Número de celdas de batería 4
Número de ciclos de carga -
Carga rápida -
Control de energía
Voltaje de salida 5 - 25V
Voltaje de entrada 15 - 25V
Corriente de entrada 4A
Tensión de salida ajustable
Corriente de salida 4A
Voltaje de salida CC 12V, 16V, 19V
Apagado automático
Puertos e Interfaces
USB A número de salidas 1
Enchufe de entrada de CC
Conexión de salida DC
Condiciones ambientales
Intervalo de temperatura operativa -20 - 60°C
Intervalo de temperatura de almacenaje -20 - 60°C
Peso y dimensiones
Ancho 130mm
Profundidad 215mm
Altura 17mm
Longitud 215mm
Peso 700g
Contenido del embalaje
Cables incluidos AC, DC, USB Type-A to USB Type-C
Adaptadores incluidos Micro-USB A
Número de adaptadores incluidos 8pieza(s)
Adaptador AC incluido
Manual de usuario
Cantidad por paquete 1pieza(s)


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