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Remington F5-5800 manual

  • F4800, F4900, F5800, F7800
    Use and Care Guide
    When using an electrical appliance,
    basic precautions should always be
    observed, including the following.
    Read all instructions before using
    this shaver.
    To reduce the risk of electric shock:
    Do not reach for an appliance that
    has fallen into water. Unplug it
    Do not use while bathing or in the
    Do not place or drop into water or
    other liquid.
    Do not place or store this appliance
    where it can fall or be pulled into a
    tub or sink.
    Except when charging, always
    unplug this appliance from the
    electrical outlet immediately after
    Use only when the shaver is in dry
    Detach the appliance from the
    power supply cord before cleaning.
    Do not submerge in water.
    To reduce the risk of burns, fire,
    electric shock, or injury to persons:
    An appliance should never be left
    unattended when it’s plugged
    in, except when charging a
    rechargeable appliance.
    Close supervision is necessary
    when this appliance is used by,
    on, or near children, or individuals
    with special needs or certain
    Use this appliance only for its
    intended use as described in this
    manual. Do not use attachments
    not recommended by the
    Never operate this appliance if it
    has a damaged cord or plug or if
    it is not working properly, if it has
    been dropped or damaged, or if it
    has been dropped into water.
    Keep the cord away from heated
    Never drop or insert any object into
    any of the appliance’s openings.
    Household use only.
    Do not use outdoors or operate
    where aerosol (spray) products
    are being used or where oxygen is
    being administered.
    Always attach the plug to the
    appliance, then to outlet. To
    disconnect, turn all controls to OFF,
    then remove plug from outlet.
    Always pull on cord plug to unplug
    from wall socket. Never pull on
    electric cord.
    Do not plug or unplug this appliance
    when your hands are wet.
    Do not use an extension cord
    or a voltage converter with this
    Do not wrap the cord around the
    Always store this appliance and
    cord in a moisture-free area.
    Do not store it in temperatures
    exceeding 140°F (60°C).
    Detach removable power cords
    from appliance for storage.
    Do not use this appliance with
    a damaged or broken head or
    cutters, as facial injury may occur.
    Shavers, including the trimmer, are
    for use on facial hair only. They
    should not be used for shaving the
    hair on your head or any other part
    of your body.
    The power unit is intended to be
    correctly oriented in a floor mount
    Product Features
    Shaver Parts
    1. On/Off button
    2. Screens
    3. Cutter assembly
    4. Hairpocket
    5. Pop-up trimmer
    6. Head guard
    7. Power adapter
    8. Power port
    9. Cleaning brush
    FEATURE F4800 F4900 F5800 F7800
    POWER SYSTEM cordless/ cordless/ cord/ cord/
    rechargeable rechargeable cordless cordless
    FULL CHARGE TIME 16 hrs 16 hrs 2 hrs 2 hrs
    CORDLESS SHAVING TIME 30 min 30 min 60 min 60 min
    5 MIN QUICK CHARGE no no yes yes
    INDICATORS charging charging battery digital
    fuel gauge display
    VOLTAGE TYPE single single worldwide worldwide
    About Your Shaver
    * See "How to order shaver accessories" section on replacement parts.
    Cordless/Rechargeable -shaver can
    only be used without the power
    Cord/Cordless – shaver can be used
    with or without the power cord.
    Quick Charge - Shaver will charge long
    enough for one shave in 5 minutes.
    Charging Indicator – green light
    that glows when the shaver is being
    Low Battery – red light that glows
    when batteries need re-charge.
    Battery Fuel Gauge – displays the
    amount of battery remaining,
    including low battery.
    Worldwide Voltage – shaver
    automatically adapts to an outlet
    voltage between 100V and 240V.
    Battery Fuel
    Before using, read the important
    safety instructions in front of the
    1. Connect the cord
    to the shaver and
    then to the electrical
    outlet. (Diagrams A
    & B) The charging
    indicator light will
    glow green.
    2. Charge your new
    shaver for 24 hours
    before its first use.
    This first charge
    is important to the
    shaver’s battery life.
    (Diagram C)
    Digital Display – displays the
    number of minutes of remaining
    battery power.
    **Use the product until the battery
    is low. To preserve the life of the
    batteries, let them fully run out
    every six months, then recharge
    them for a full 24 hours*
    Make sure the shaver and your
    hands are dry when placing the
    shaver on charge.
    Always charge the shaver in a
    cool, dry place.
    the contours of your face. Only
    apply light pressure on the shaving
    head while shaving and use short,
    circular strokes. (Diagram E)
    5. After shaving, turn the shaver off.
    (Diagram D)
    **Remington recommends that you
    use your new shaver daily for up to
    three weeks to allow time for your
    hair and skin to become accustomed
    to the new shaving system**
    Shaving Tips
    Before using, read the important
    safety instructions in front of the
    1. Begin by removing the protective
    head guard from your shaver.
    2. Press the on/off
    button to turn on.
    (Diagram D)
    3. Stretch the skin
    with your free hand
    so the hairs stand
    4. Hold the shaving
    head so all screens
    touch your skin
    The independently floating
    screens automatically adjust to
    Ensure your skin is dry and free
    of oils.
    Wait at least 15 minutes after
    getting up before shaving, to ensure
    your face is free of puffiness that
    may be present from sleeping.
    Always hold the shaver at a right
    angle to the skin so the screens
    are touching the skin with equal
    Stretch skin with the free hand
    so hairs stand upright, making it
    easier for them to enter the cutting
    Shave with short, circular strokes.
    The use of short, circular motions in
    stubborn areas may obtain a closer
    shave, especially along the neck
    and chin line.
    Do not press hard against the skin
    in order to avoid damage to the
    foil heads.
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Remington F5-5800

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Especificaciones de Remington F5-5800

Marca Remington
Modelo F5-5800
Producto Máquina de afeitar
EAN 74590518665
Idioma Inglés
Tipo de archivo PDF
Sistema de afeitado Máquina de afeitar de láminas
Número de máquina de afeitar cabezas / cuchillas 2
Cortador de relieves
Otras características
Operación inalámbrica 60min
- 2
Tiempo de funcionamiento 60min
Tecnología de conectividad Inalámbrico y alámbrico
Cámara de recogida del pelo
Indicadores LED
Contenido del embalaje
Tapa protectora
Control de energía
Fuente de energía Batería
Autonomía 60h
Tiempo de carga 2h
Carga rápida
Carga rápida 5min
Voltaje de entrada AC 100-240V
Indicador de nivel de batería

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