Remington Jumbo Rollers H5670 manual

Remington Jumbo Rollers H5670

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Jumbo Rollers H5670
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Ceramic Ionic conditioning for frizz free shine.
Wax core retains high heat and helps set long lasting curls more quickly.
Before use, ensure the hair is clean, dry and tangle-free.
For extra protection use a heat protection spray.
, Hairsprays contain ammable material – do not use while using this product.
Section the hair prior to styling. Style the lower layers rst.
Plug the product into the mains power supply.
, CAUTION : the appliance will begin to heat-up as soon as the power supply is
switched on.
The lid should be in the down position until the rollers are ready to use.
The rollers will start to heat up in 3 minutes. Allow 10 minutes for them to
reach the optimal curling temperature.
When you feel your setters are ready, open the lid for 1 minute and begin
Select the desired size of roller. Use the small rollers for tighter curls; the
larger rollers give looser curls and waves.
Take a section of hair, about the width of the roller.
Wrap the ends of the hair around the roller, keeping the hair at right angles to
the scalp.
Wind the roller right down to the roots.
Secure the roller rmly in place with the correct size pin or clip, as near to the
scalp as possible.
Repeat with the next section of hair.
Leave all the rollers in the hair until the rollers and hair have fully cooled
down and set the style.
, Note: Use xing spray to help set and keep your style for longer.
Remove the rollers from your hair by gently unwinding.
Let the curl spring back into place and leave the hair to cool fully before
styling to ensure the optimum set.

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