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Owner’s Manual
Guide d’utilisation
Manuale dell'utente
Manual del usuario
Manual do proprietário
Thank you, and congratulations on your choice of the Roland MICRO CUBE RX Amplifier.
Before using this unit, carefully read the sections entitled: “USING THE UNIT SAFELY” and “IMPORTANT NOTES” (p. 2; p. 4).
These sections provide important information concerning the proper operation of the unit. Additionally, in order to feel assured that you have gained
a good grasp of every feature provided by your new unit, Owner’s manual should be read in its entirety. The manual should be saved and kept on hand
as a convenient reference.
Main Features
A compact, high-performance guitar amplifier ideal for practicing at home
Equipped with four newly developed 10-cm (4-inch) speakers, this compact 5-watt stereo power amp (2.5 watt + 2.5 watt) delivers a powerful guitar
Dual power operation with alkaline batteries (6 x AA) or AC adaptor (p. 5)
Dual power operation allows the amplifier to be used anywhere.
An 8-type COSM amp modeling function that reproduces sounds such as the Roland JC-120 (p. 6)
The amp is equipped with modeling for six types of popular guitar amps, including the JC-120, in addtion to an original amp, ACOUSTIC.
Combined with the three-band equalizer, enables finely textured sound creation. Can also be used as a simple PA system using the MIC.
Equipped with the same spacially synthesized chorus as the JC-120 (p. 7)
The amp is equipped with an EFX function that allows you to use four types of effects. In addition to a spacially synthesized chorus that reproduces the
soothing breadth of the JC-120's chorus, EFX also delivers FLANGER, PHASER and TREMOLO effects. The amp is also equipped with
separate basic DELAY/REVERB effects.
RHYTHM GUIDE function makes practical rhythm training easy (p. 9)
Contains preset rhythms from 11 genres (33 patterns) such as ROCK, JAZZ, LATIN and METRONOME. The optional footswitch allows you to operate
the START/STOP and TAP TEMPO controls with your feet while playing.
Tuner function that also supports flat tuning (p. 9)
The amp is equipped with a tuner function that also makes flat tuning possible.
AUX IN allows stereo playback (p. 8)
You can connect a CD/MP3 player to the AUX IN jack and play the music in stereo.
Stereo headphone output supported (p. 8)
The amplifier has a stereo PHONES jack that can also be used as a REC OUT jack.
COSM (Composite Object Sound Modeling) is proprietary Roland modeling technology, which analyzes the way in which sound is affected by
elements such as electronic circuitry, structure, and materials, and combines these elements to reconstruct the desired sound.
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