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Inserting and changing the batteries
Your easytip S4 is powered by two (alkaline) 1.5 V batteries (IEC LR 03, AAA)
Insert the batteries following the markings in the battery compartment.
After inserting the batteries, your easytip S4 is adjusted for TV-operation.
If the LED does not blink as usual when pressing the keys or if the device you are control-
ling fails to respond from the usual distance then the batteries must be changed.
Your easytip S4 includes a intermediate memory which prevents the easytip S4 from
losing its memory during the battery changing.
Please dispose batteries carefully.
Programming easytip S4
Programming by Code entering
1. Switch on the device you want to use your easytip S4 with.
2. Turn to the TV code list (other manual) and look for the name of your device manufac-
3. Choose your device by using the Level key and press the key (for about 5 seconds)
until the LED blinks twice.
NOTE: The AUX-mode can be programmed any way (alternate TV set, alternate SAT-recei-
After the LED flashing twice, press either TV or SAT, depending on which advice you want
to have on the AUX-mode.
4. Enter the first 3-digit code from the list with the number keys on your remote control.
The first figure of the 3-digit cod must be entered within 5 seconds of the LED blinking
Otherwise the LED will flash once and you will have to repeat the procedure from step 3.
5. After the 3-digit code has been entered the LED will blink twice to indicate that the
code has been accepted.
If you entered the first digit within 5 seconds but still see one long flash from the LED after
you have entered the code, this means the code you entered is invalid.
In this case, repeat the procedure from step 3.
6. Now point your easytip S4 at your device and try to operate your device with your easy-
tip S4.
7. If your device does not react to the device code number you entered or if it operates
incorrectly, enter the next number listed against the device manufacturerís name.
The code list shows the most common codes first.
8. If none of the code numbers listed in the code list work properly use the Code search
Make a note of your 3-digit code numbers.
NOTE: By entering code 000 you can restore the basic settings of your easytip S4. You
can then program easytip S4 newly.
Code Search
If none of the codes listed for your device work or if a previously entered code number no
longer works or works unsatisfactorily, use the code search.
1. Switch on chosen device.
2. Choose your device by using the Level key and press the key (for about 5 seconds)
until the LED flashes twice.
NOTE: In the AUX mode, no code search is possible.

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