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Digital TV Notice
1. Functionalities related to Digital TV(DVB) are only available in countries/areas where DVB-T (MPEG2 and MPEG4 AVC) digital
terrestrial signals are broadcasted or where you are able to access to a compatible DVB-C(MPEG2 and MPEG4 AAC) cable-
TV service. Please check with your local dealer the possibility to receive DVB-T or DVB-C signal.
2. DVB-T
is the DVB European consortium standard for the broadcast transmission of digital terrestrial television and DVB-
C is that for the broadcast transmission of digital TV over cable. However, some differentiated features like EPG (Electric
Programme Guide), VOD (Video on Demand) and so on, are not included in this specification. So, they cannot be workable at
this moment.
3. Although this
TV set meets the latest DVB-T and DVB-C standards, as of [August, 2008], the compatibility with future DVB-T
digital terrestrial and DVB-C digital cable broadcasts cannot be guaranteed.
4. Depending on the countries/areas where this
TV set is used some cable-TV providers may charge an additional fee for such a
service and you may be required to agree to terms and conditions of their business.
5. Some Digital
TV functions might be unavailable in some countries or regions and DVB-C might not work correctly with some
cable service providers.
6. For more information, please contact your local Samsung customer care centre.
Precautions When Displaying a Still Image
A still image may cause permanent damage to the TV screen
Do not display a still image and partially still on the LCD panel for more than 2 hours as it can cause screen image retention.
This image retention is also known as “screen burn”. To avoid such image retention, reduce the degree of brightness and
contrast of the screen when displaying a still image.
Watching the LCD TV in 4:3 format for a long period of time may leave traces of borders displayed on the
left, right and centre of the screen caused by the difference of light emission on the screen. Playing a DVD or
a game console may cause a similar effect to the screen. Damages caused by the above effect are not
covered by the Warranty.
Displaying still images from Video games and PC for longer than a certain period of time may produce partial after-images. To
prevent this effect, reduce the ‘brightness’ and ‘contrast’ when displaying still images.
© 2009 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.
Figures and illustrations in this User Manual are provided for reference only and may differ from actual product appearance.
Product design and specications may be changed without notice.
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Marca Samsung
Modelo LE-26B460
Producto televisión LCD
EAN []
Idioma Holandés, Inglés, Alemán, Francia, Español, Italiano, Portugués, Turco, Esloveno
Clase de producto Televisores LCD
Tipo de archivo PDF
- 1920 x 1080
- 26
- -
- -
- 16:9
- -
- Full HD
- Negro
- 3
- 1
- 1
- 1
- 1
- 1000
- SRS TruSurround HD & Dolby Digital Plus
- 10
- Digital
- 200 x 100
- 8100
- 6700
- 80
- 0.3
- 11800
- 766 x 183 x 639
- 668.1
- 215.9
- 493.4
- 668.1
- 76.7
- 445.5
- 2
Sistema de audio SRS TruSurround HD & Dolby Digital Plus
Altavoces incorporados
Potencia estimada RMS 10W
Número de altavoces 2
Teletexto 1000páginas
Modo de juego
Funciones de teletexto
Peso del paquete 11800g
Mando a distancia
Peso y dimensiones
Dimensiones del embalaje (alto x alto x peso) 766 x 183 x 639mm
Peso con stand 8100g
Profundidad dispositivo (con soporte) 215.9mm
Altura del dispositivo (con soporte) 493.4mm
Ancho del dispositivo (con soporte) 668.1mm
Peso 6700g
Ancho 668.1mm
Profundidad 76.7mm
Altura 445.5mm
Características de administración
Exhibición en pantalla (OSD)
Temporizador de apagado
Sintonizador de la TV
Autobusqueda de canal
Tipo de sintonizador Digital
Puertos e Interfaces
Audio digital, salida optica 1
Cantidad de puertos SCART 1
Número de puertos RF 1
Puerto DVI
Interfaz común
PC (D-Sub)
Entrada de audio para PC
Video componente (YPbPr/YCbCr) entrada 1
Número de puertos HDMI 3
Indicadores LED Suspension
Interfaz de panel de montaje 200 x 100mm
Color del producto Negro
Otras características
Tecnología de visualización LCD
Diagonal de la pantalla 26
Relación de aspecto 16:9
Resolución de la pantalla 1920 x 1080Pixeles
Tipo HD Full HD
Control de energía
Consumo energético 80W
Consumo de energía (inactivo) 0.3W