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  • 4. Pass the inner cable through the inner cable lead, and
    after setting so that the total of the clearances between
    the left and right shoes and the rim is 2 mm, tighten the
    cable fixing bolt.
    General Safety Information
    • Improper use of your bicycle's brake system may result in a loss
    of control or an accident, which could lead to a severe injury.
    Because each bicycle may handle differently, be sure to learn the
    proper braking technique (including brake lever pressure and
    bicycle control characteristics) for your bicycle.
    Consult your bicycle dealer and the bicycle's owners manual, and
    practice your riding and braking technique.
    • If the front brake is applied too strongly, the wheel may lock and
    the bicycle may fall forward, and serious injury may result.
    • Brakes designed for use as rear brakes should not be used as
    front brakes.
    Obtain and read the service instructions carefully prior to
    installing the parts. Loose, worn or damaged parts may cause
    the bicycle to fall over and serious injury may occur as a result.
    We strongly recommend only using genuine Shimano replacement
    • Be careful not to allow any oil or grease to get onto the brake
    shoes. If any oil or grease do get on the shoes, you should
    replace the shoes, otherwise the brakes may not work correctly.
    • Check the brake cable for rust and fraying, and replace the cable
    immediately if any such problems are found. If this is not done, the
    brakes may not work correctly.
    • Always make sure that the brakes are working correctly before
    you ride the bicycle.
    • The required braking distance will be longer during wet weather.
    Reduce your speed and apply the brakes early and gently.
    • If the road surface is wet, the tires will skid more easily. If the tires
    skid, you may fall off the bicycle. To avoid this, reduce your speed
    and apply the brakes early and gently.
    • Read these Technical Service Instructions carefully, and keep
    them in a safe place for later reference.
    To avoid serious injuries:
    Use the BR-MX70 V-BRAKE brake with V-BRAKE brake-
    compatible brake levers such as the BL-MX70 brake levers.
    • The BR-MX70 V-BRAKE brake can only be used as a rear brake.
    • The optimum efficiency of the Multi-Condition Brake System can
    be realized by using the brakes and brake levers in the
    recommended set.
    • If the brake shoes have worn down until the grooves are no longer
    visible, they should be replaced.
    • Different brake shoes have their own characteristics. Ask the place
    of purchase for details when purchasing the brake shoes.
    • Parts are not guaranteed against natural wear or deterioration
    resulting from normal use.
    • For maximum performance we highly recommend Shimano
    lubricants and maintenance products.
    • For any questions regarding methods of handling or maintenance,
    please contact the place of purchase.
    To avoid serious injuries:
    Shimano BR-MX70 Safety Information
    Use a 5 mm Allen key to install the brake lever.
    When installing the components to carbon frame/handle bar
    surfaces, verify with the manufacturer of the carbon
    frame/parts for their recommendation on tightening torque
    in order to prevent over tightening that can cause damage
    to the carbon material and/or under tightening that can
    cause lack of fixing strength for the components.
    11 22
    1 mm 1 mm
    Brake lever
    V-BRAKE brake
    Brake cable
    Brake System
    In order to realize the best performance, we
    recommend that the following combination be
    One Holland, Irvine, California 92618, U.S.A. Phone: +1-949-951-5003
    Industrieweg 24, 8071 CT Nunspeet, The Netherlands Phone: +31-341-272222
    3-77 Oimatsu-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka 590-8577, Japan
    * Service Instructions in further languages are available at :
    Please note: specifications are subject to change for improvement without notice. (English)
    © Sep. 2010 by Shimano Inc. XBC IZM Printed in Malaysia.
    Technical Service
    Instructions SI-8ED0A-002
    Tightening torque:
    6 – 8 N·m {52 – 69 in. lbs.}
    Tightening torque:
    6 – 8 N·m {52 – 69 in. lbs.}
    Tightening torque:
    6 – 8 N·m {52 – 69 in. lbs.}
    Tightening torque:
    5 – 7 N·m
    {43 – 61 in. lbs.}
    Installation of the brake lever
    32 mm or more
    Installation of the V-BRAKE brake
    1. Insert the stopper pin of the brake body into the center
    spring hole in the frame mounting boss, and then secure
    the brake body to the frame with the link fixing bolt.
    2. While holding the shoe against the rim, adjust the
    amount of shoe protrusion by changing over the washer
    B (thick or thin) so that dimension A is kept at 32 mm or
    1 mm
    3. While holding the shoe against the rim, tighten the shoe
    fixing nut.
    2 mm
    5 mm Allen key
    5 mm Allen key
    Shoe fixing pin Shoe fixing pin
    Shoe holder
    5 mm Allen key
    Shoe holder
    5 mm Allen key
    Inner cable lead
    Link fixing bolt
    Stopper pin
    Spring hole
    Shoe fixing link
    Washer AWasher A
    Shoe fixing nut
    Washer B (thin)Washer B (thick)
    5. Adjust the balance with the spring tension adjustment
    6. Depress the brake lever about 10 times as far as the grip
    and check that everything is operating correctly and that
    the shoe clearance is correct before using the brakes.
    Spring tension
    adjustment screw
    Spring tension
    adjustment screw
    Depress about
    10 times
    Replacement of the cartridge shoe
    1. Remove the shoe fixing pin, and then slide the shoe
    along the groove to remove it from the shoe holder.
    3. Insertion of shoe fixing pin is very critical to keep shoe
    properly fixed in place.
    2. There are two different types of shoe and shoe holder to
    be used in the left and right positions respectively. Slide
    the new shoes into the grooves on the shoe holders
    while taking note of the correct directions and pin hole
    Shoe fixing pin
    For the left For the right
    Multi-Condition Brake System
    By providing superior wet weather braking performance
    (control and modulation), braking performance will not
    vary in a multitude of conditions when using this brake
    Use a handlebar grip
    with a maximum outer
    diameter of 32 mm.
Shimano BL-MX70

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Marca Shimano
Modelo BL-MX70
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