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Read all documentation before operating your equipment. Retain all
documentation for future reference.
Save the carton and packing material even if the equipment has arrived in good
Do not spill water or other liquids into the unit.
Make sure power outlets conform to the power requirements listed on the back
of the unit.
Do not use the unit if the electrical power cord is frayed or broken.
Always operate the unit with the AC ground wire connected to the electrical
system ground.
Have gain controls on amplifiers or consoles to any other voltage source, such
as a battery, mains source, or power supply, regardless of whether the amplifier
or console is turn on or off.
Power down & disconnect units from mains voltage before making
Do not use the unit near stoves, heat registers, radiators, or other heat
producing devices.
Do not block fan intake or exhaust ports. Do not operate equipment on a
surface or in an environment which may distort the normal flow of air around
the unit. If the unit is used in an extremely dusty or smoky environment, the
unit should be periodically blown free of dust.
Do not remove the cover. Removing the cover will expose you to potentially
dangerous voltages.
Do not drive the inputs with a signal level greater than required to drive
equipment to full output.
Do not run the output of any amplifier back into another input.
Do not ground the red output terminal, never connect a red output terminal to
another red output terminal.
In case of mal-function this device should be serviced by qualified service
personnel only.
Speaker Impedance:8Ohms
Rated power:30Wrms Frequency-range:60Hz~20KHz
Power [Max]:60W Amplifier
Bass speaker:5" Power output:25Wrms
Speakers:1 tweeter Frequency-range:20Hz~20KHz
Connections: 2-pole terminal Equalization:2 bands EQ ±10 dB
Max.SPL:89 dB Gain:30dB(max)
Dimension [H×W×D]:240×180×155mm
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170.176 | 170.176
Manual de usuario (PDF)
Otras características
TipoAltavoces empotrados en pared/techo
Dimensiones (Ancho x Profundidad x Altura)180 x 155 x 240 mm
Requisitos de energía230 V, 50 Hz
Canales de salida de audio2.0 canales
Potencia estimada RMS30 W
Sensibilidad89 dB
Rango de frecuencia60 - 20000 Hz
Peso y dimensiones
Longitud del cable3 m
Peso4600 g
Color del productoNegro
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