Solis Twist 3800 classic manual

Solis Twist 3800 classic
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Mode d’emploi

Istruzioni per l’uso

Instructions for use

Typ/Type/Tipo 428 Typ/Type/Tipo 429
Motorstufen + Heizstufen
Vitesse + Chaleur
Velocità + Livello Calore
Motor Speed + Heat Level
C Wippenschalter
D Aufhängeöse
E Föhnwelldüse
Grille d‘entrée
d‘air amovible
Touche d‘air froid
C Interrupteurs
D Anneau d‘accrochage
E Embout concentrateur
Griglia asportabile
di aspirazione aria
Tasto aria fredda
C Interruttori
D Gancio
E Beccuccio
air inlet grid
Cold air button
C Switches
D Hang-up loop
E Nozzle
CH-8152 Glattbrugg-Zürich
Telefon +41 44 874 64 54
Telefax +41 44 874 64 99
Attenzione! Pericolo di elettrocuzione!
Proteggere l’asciugacapelli dall’umidità! Non immer-
gere mai in acqua l’asciugacapelli!
Uso conforme allo scopo previsto
L’asciugacapelli è previsto esclusivamente per
l’asciugatura e la messa in piega di capelli
Se l’asciugacapelli viene usato in modo improprio o per
scopi diversi dall’uso previsto, nonché non riparato a regola
d’arte, il costruttore non si assume alcuna responsabilità
per eventuali danni e il diritto alla garanzia decade.
Pulizia e cura
FIG. 1-4
Proteggere l’asciugacapelli da polvere, sporcizia e fila-
menti. Ogni tanto smontare e pulire la griglia entrata
aria A.
Pulire l’asciugacapelli con un panno leggermente
inumidito e asciugarlo con un panno morbido.
EU 2002/96/EC
In conformi alla Direttiva 2002/96/CE sui rifiuti di appa-
recchiature elettriche ed elettroniche (RAEE), al termine
della vita del Vs. apparecchio, per il suo smaltimento a
salvaguardia dell‘ambiente, portatelo in un centro per la
raccolta di apparecchi elettrici, o, nel caso di riacquisto di
un nuovo apparecchio, presso il rivenditore.
Appliance specifications
Model no.: 428 (Rated input 1700-2000 Watt)
429 (Rated input 1400-1700 Watt)
Voltage: 220-240 VAC ~ / 50 - 60 Hz
Protective type: II
Interference suppression:
this appliance has been interference- suppressed in accor-
dance with the interference suppression directives.
Electromagnetic compatibility:
this appliance has been suppressed in accordance with
the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) directives.
For your safety!
Safety instructions when connecting
the appliance
To avoid damage or danger by improper use, the in-
structions for use should be carefully kept and followed!
If the connecting cable is damaged, it should only
be replaced by a service agent recommended by the
manufacturer in order to prevent any danger. Please
contact the manufacturer or his customer service.
The voltage of the power source must be the same as
specified on the rating plate!
Never wind the mains cable around the appliance!
Only insert the mains plug when the appliance is
switched off.
Safety instructions when operating the appliance
Always use the appliance for the appropriate purpose!
People with nervous disorders should not operate the
appliance when alone in order to avoid any possible
Children are not aware of the hazards of electrical
appliances. Therefore close supervision is necessary
when the appliance is used by children!
Warning! Risk of electric shock!
Never use the appliance with wet hands, in the bath
or shower or over a filled washbasin. If the appliance
falls into water, remove the mains plug immediately.
Under no circumstances reach into the water when
the appliance is still connected to the power supply!
Warning! Risk of electric shock!
When the appliance is used in a bath room, unplug
it after use since the proximity of water presents a
hazard even when the appliance is switched off!
The appliance is fitted with an overload protection
which switches off in the case of an overload (e.g. air
outlet or intake is blocked).
The installation of a faulty current protective device
with a rated breaking current offers you additional
safety by ensuring that 30 mA will not be exceeded in
the house installation. Let your installation electrician
advise you!
Remove the plug from the mains:
– if the unit does not function properly
– before cleaning
– after every use.
Safety instructions for cleaning and maintenance
Always disconnect the appliance from the mains and
allow the appliance to cool down before cleaning and
maintenance, or if faults occur during operation!
Warning! Risk of electric shock!
Protect the appliance from moisture. Never immerse it
in water!
Use in accordance with purpose
The appliance is only intended for drying and
styling human hair. No liability is accepted for any
damage resulting from use for other purposes, faulty
operation or amateur repairs. Guarantee services are
also excluded in such cases.
Cleaning and care
FIG. 1-4
Protect the appliance from dust, dirt and fluff. From
time to time remove and clean the air filter
You can clean your appliance with a slightly damp
cloth and dry it with a soft dry cloth.
Disposal of appliance
EU 2002/96/EC
In conformity with Directive 2002/96/EC on waste electrical
and electronic equipment (WEEE), at the end of its life
the unit should be taken to an electrical appliance collec-
tion point for its environmentally friendly disposal.
Nur mit Verkaufsdatum und Unterschrift der Verkaufsfirma gültig.
Seulement valable avec signature et date de la vente.
Valid only if provided with date of sale and signature of seller.




Kundinnen und Kunden in der Schweiz senden
das Gerätr alle Reparaturen oder Garantiefälle
bitte direkt an:
Europastrasse 11
CH-8152 Glattbrugg
Telefon 044 874 64 64
Telefax 044 874 64 99
Ein Anruf auf unsere Helpline (044 874 64 14) vor
dem Einsenden des Gerätes lohnt sich auf jeden
Fall, da Funktionsstörungen mit dem richtigen
Tipp oder Kniff unserer erfahrenen Spezialisten in
vielen Fällen schnell und unkompliziert behoben
werden können, ohne dass Sie uns das Gerät dazu
einzusenden brauchen.
Kundinnen und Kunden im Ausland wenden
sich bitte an die Verkaufsstelle, bei welcher sie
den Artikel erworben haben. Dort wird man Ihnen
gerne weiterhelfen.
Nur mit Verkaufsdatum, Serie-Nr. und Stempel
sowie Unterschrift der Verkaufsfirma gültig.
Das Original des Verkaufsbeleges muss dem
Gerät beigelegt werden. Fehlt dieses, kann keine
Garantieleistung gewährt werden.
Les clientes et clients de Suisse voudront bien
envoyer l’appareil pour réparations ou cas de
garantie directement à:
Europastrasse 11
CH-8152 Glattbrugg
Téléphone 044 874 64 64
Téléfax 044 874 64 99
Il vaut dans tous les cas la peine d’appeler notre
helpline (044 874 64 14) avant d’envoyer l’appareil,
car les pannes peuvent être réparées rapidement
et simplement dans beaucoup de cas avec un bon
conseil ou une bonne astuce de nos spécialistes
expérimentés, sans que l’appareil ne doive nous
être retourné.
Les clientes et clients à l’étranger sont priés
de s’adresser au point de vente où ils ont acquis
l’appareil. Ils y obtiendront l‘assistance requise.
Valable uniquement avec la date de vente, le n°
de série et le timbre ainsi que la signature de
l’entreprise vendeuse. L’original de la quittance
de vente doit être joint à l’appareil. En l’absence
de cette pièce, aucune garantie ne peut être
Customers in Switzerland should return the
article for all repairs or claims under warranty
directly to:
Europastrasse 11
CH-8152 Glattbrugg
Phone 044 874 64 64
Fax 044 874 64 99
Before returning the article please call our
helpline (044 874 64 14) as some malfunctions
can be rectified quickly and easily simply by recei-
ving the right tip or advice from our trained spe-
cialists. This saves having to return the appliance
Customers not living in Switzerland should
return the article to the point of sale where they
will be provided with assistance.
This guarantee is only valid if the card displays
the date of sale, serial no. and stamp as well as
the signature of the point of sale. The original
sales slip must accompany the article. Failure to
provide this information will render the warranty
Motor Speed
Livello Calore
Heat Level
002.88 / 04.2010
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Solis Twist 3800 classic

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