Sony MDR-NC8

Sony MDR-NC8 manual

  • Noise Canceling
    Operating Instructions
    Manual de instrucciones
    © 2012 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia
    How to use/Modo de uso
    Installing a battery/Colocación de la pila
    Turning on the power/Encendido
    After use
    Turn off the power of the headphones
    Después del uso
    Apague los auriculares
    Tactile dot (on the left)
    Punto táctil (a la
    Unfolding the headphones/Desplegar los auriculares
    for dual jacks
    para tomas
    for stereo mini jack
    para minitoma estéreo
    Digital music player, etc.
    Reproductor de música digital, etc.
    When you use the headphones in a train or
    a car, noise may occur depending on street
    Mobile phones may cause interference
    and noise. Should this occur, locate the
    headphones further away from the mobile
    Notes on using on the airplane
    Do not use the headphones when use of
    electronic equipment is prohibited or when
    use of personal headphones for in-flight
    entertainment services is prohibited.
    Notes on handling
    Because the headphones are designed to
    fit closely in your ears, forcing them against
    your ears may result in eardrum damage.
    Avoid using the headphones where they are
    liable to be struck by people or other objects,
    such as a ball, etc.
    Pressing the headphones against your ears
    may produce a diaphragm click sound. This is
    not a malfunction.
    Clean the headphones with a soft dry cloth.
    Do not leave the plug dirty otherwise the
    sound may be distorted.
    Be sure to consult a Sony dealer when the
    earpads become dirty or damaged, or when
    the headphones require repair work.
    Do not leave the headphones in a location
    subject to direct sunlight, heat or moisture.
    Do not subject the headphones to excessive
    Handle the driver units carefully.
    If you feel drowsy or sick while using this
    headphones, stop use immediately.
    Notes on headphones
    High volume may affect your
    hearing. For traffic safety, do not
    use while driving or cycling.
    As headphones reduce outside sounds, they
    may cause a traffic accident. Also, avoid
    listening with your headphones in situations
    where hearing must not be impaired, for
    example, a railroad crossing, a construction
    site, etc.
    Note on static electricity
    In particularly dry air conditions, noise or
    sound skipping may occur, or mild tingling
    may be felt on your ears. This is a result of
    static electricity accumulated in the body, and
    not a malfunction of the headphones.
    The effect can be minimized by wearing
    clothes made from natural materials.
    If you have any questions or problems
    concerning the system that are not covered
    in this manual, please consult the nearest
    Sony dealer.
    English Noise Canceling Headphones
    To reduce the risk of fire or
    electric shock, do not expose this
    apparatus to rain or moisture.
    To reduce the risk of electrical
    shock, do not open the cabinet.
    Refer servicing to qualified
    personnel only.
    Do not expose the battery to excessive heat
    such as direct sunlight, fire or the like.
    You are cautioned that any changes or
    modifications not expressly approved in this
    manual could void your authority to operate
    this equipment.
    The validity of the CE marking is restricted
    to only those countries where it is legally
    enforced, mainly in the countries EEA
    (European Economic Area).
    This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC
    Rules. Operation is subject to the following
    two conditions: (1) this device may not cause
    harmful interference, and (2) this device must
    accept any interference received, including
    interference that may cause undesired
    Notes on use
    What is noise canceling?
    The noise canceling circuit actually senses
    outside noise with built-in microphones and
    sends an equal-but-opposite canceling signal
    to the headphones.
    Notes on the noise canceling
    Adjust the earpads so that they cover your
    ears, otherwise noise canceling will not
    function properly.
    The noise canceling effect may vary
    depending on how you wear the
    Do not cover the microphone of the
    headphones with your hands. The noise
    canceling function may not work properly.
    After you turn on the power of the
    headphones, you may hear a slight hiss. This
    is the operating sound of the noise canceling
    function, not a malfunction.
    The noise canceling function works for
    noise in the low frequency band primarily.
    Although noise is reduced, it is not canceled
    The noise canceling effect may not be
    pronounced in a very quiet environment, or
    some noise may be heard.
Sony MDR-NC8

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Especificaciones de Sony MDR-NC8

Marca Sony
Modelo MDR-NC8
Producto Cascos auriculares
EAN 132017892801
Idioma Español, Inglés
Tipo de archivo PDF
- Supraaural
- Diadema
- 30 - 20000
- 95
- 17
- 30
- Dynamic
- Neodymium
- Cerrado
- Alámbrico
- 1.2
- 170
- 80
- Negro
- Plug Adaptor for In-flight Use, AAA manganese battery
- Auriculares
Sensibilidad de auricular 95
Obstrucción 17
Unidad de disco 30mm
Tipo de imán Neodymium
Sistema acústico Cerrado
Tipo de controlador Dynamic
Frecuencia de auricular 30 - 20000Hz
Audifonos Supraaural
Autonomía 80h
Longitud de cable 1.2m
Color del producto Negro
Estilo de uso Diadema
Tipo de producto Auriculares
Otras características
Adaptador de enchufe
Accesorios incluidos Plug Adaptor for In-flight Use, AAA manganese battery
Contenido del embalaje
Almohadillas para oidos
Peso y dimensiones
Peso 170g
Puertos e Interfaces
Tecnología de conectividad Alámbrico
Efecto de cancelación de ruido

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