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Sony NW-WS623 manual

  • NW-WS623/WS625
    ©2017 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia
    Remote Commander for NW-WS625 only
    Do not ingest battery, Chemical Burn Hazard.
    NW-WS625 only
    The Remote Commander supplied with this product contains a coin cell
    battery. If the coin cell battery is swallowed, it can cause severe internal
    burns in just 2 hours and can lead to death.
    Keep new and used batteries away from children.
    If the battery compartment does not close securely, stop using the
    product and keep it away from children.
    If you think batteries might have been swallowed or placed inside any
    part of the body, seek immediate medical attention.
    About the manuals
    1. Instruction Manual (this manual)
    (Startup Guide)
    The Startup Guide describes the following:
    Basic operating instructions of your WALKMAN®
    How to access useful PC applications websites on the internet
    3. Help Guide (web document for a PC/smartphone)
    The Help Guide contains more detailed operating
    instructions, specifications and customer support
    website URL, etc.
    While browsing is free, you may be charged a
    communication fee according to your carrier contract.
    Depending on the country/region in which you have purchased your
    Walkman, some models may not be available.
    Notes for using Walkman
    Note for battery
    To prevent battery deterioration, charge the battery at least once every six
    About Ambient Sound Mode
    Ambient Sound Mode allows you to hear ambient sound even while
    wearing headphones. However, note that this mode does not enable
    you to hear all sounds around you. Ambient sound may not be heard
    well depending on the surrounding environment, type of the music
    being played on your Walkman, or the volume level. Be very careful
    when using the Walkman in places where an inability to hear ambient
    sound would be dangerous (such as on roads where there is car or
    bicycle traffic).
    Note regarding use in a pool or the ocean
    Refer to “Read Before Using your Walkman® in a Pool or the Ocean”.
    About the operating temperature of the Walkman
    The operating temperature of the Walkman is between –5 °C (23 °F) and
    +45 °C (113 °F).
    Bluetooth capabilities
    Connect your smartphone and your Walkman via a Bluetooth
    connection so you can listen to music stored on your smartphone using
    the Walkman or answer incoming calls to the smartphone.
    Pairing and connecting with your smartphone
    Pairing cannot be started unless the Bluetooth mode on your Walkman
    is turned off.
    1. Hold down the (power) button on the right () side of your
    Walkman for 3 seconds to turn the power on.
    2. Hold down the AMB/ button on the left () side of your Walkman
    for 7 seconds.
    The OPR lamp on the right () side will flash quickly in alternating
    blue and red.
    After the first time you connect your Walkman and smartphone,
    you can connect them by holding down the AMB/
    button for 2
    3. On your smartphone, turn on the Bluetooth function and find your
    Walkman on the Bluetooth settings screen.
    Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the settings.
    When a list of detected devices appears, select [NW-WS623] or
    If passkey input is required, input “0000”.
    Your Walkman and the smartphone will register to each other and a
    connection will be established.
    The OPR lamp on the right () side will light up in blue.
    Terminating the Bluetooth connection
    1. Hold down the AMB/ button on the left () side of your Walkman
    for 2 seconds.
    The OPR lamp on the right () side will turn green.
    Bluetooth Specification
    Communication system: Bluetooth Specification Version 4.0
    NFC Specification
    Tag Type
    Symptom & Remedy
    Your Walkman cannot charge the battery or is not recognized on
    your computer.
    Attach your Walkman to the USB cradle (supplied) properly and firmly.
    Charging will start (the OPR lamp lights up in orange) even if the
    connection was not made properly, but there is a possibility that the
    computer has not recognized the Walkman. In such a case, remove
    the Walkman from the USB cradle and then attach to the USB cradle
    When you use your Walkman for the first time, or if you have not
    used the Walkman for a long time, it may take a few minutes to be
    recognized by the computer. Check that the computer recognizes the
    Walkman after you have connected it to the computer for about 10
    If the approaches listed above fail to resolve the issue, turn off
    your computer completely and disconnect your Walkman. Then
    disconnect the power cable, battery, and anything else connected
    to the computer and discharge it for five minutes. After discharging,
    turn on the computer again and reconnect the Walkman.
    Compliance & Information
    Information on laws and trademarks
    For information on laws, regulations and trademark rights, refer to
    “Important Information” contained in the supplied software. To read it,
    install the supplied software on your computer.
    To install it, open [WALKMAN] in your Walkman’s system storage after
    connecting to your computer.
    Windows user: [FOR_WINDOWS] - [Help_Guide_Installer(.exe)]
    Mac user: [FOR_MAC] - [Help_Guide_Installer_for_mac]
    After installing the software, double-click the shortcut or the alias icon
    generated on your desktop.
    About the in-ear headphones
    The earbuds seal your ears. Therefore, be aware that there is a risk of
    damage to your ears or eardrums if strong pressure is applied to the
    earbuds or the earbuds are suddenly removed from your ears. After
    use, be sure to take the earbuds off your ears gently.
    About the headphones
    Avoid playing the unit at so loud a volume that extended play might
    affect your hearing.
    At a high volume outside sounds may become inaudible. Avoid
    listening to the unit in situations where hearing must not be
    impaired, for example, while driving or cycling.
    As the headphones are of open-air design, sounds go out through
    the headphones. Remember not to disturb those close to you.
    Instruction Manual
    Manuel d’instructions FR
    Manual de instrucciones ES
    Owner’s Record
    The model and serial numbers are located on the back of the player.
    Record them in the space provided below. Refer to these numbers in
    the spaces whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this
    Model No. ________________________
    Serial No._________________________
    For Remote Commander (NW-WS625 only)
    For the State of California, USA only
    Perchlorate Material - special handling may apply, See
    Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
    Télécommande pour NW-WS625 seulement
    N’ingérez pas la pile, risque de brûlure chimique.
    NW-WS625 seulement
    La télécommande fournie avec ce produit contient une pile bouton.
    Une ingestion de la pile bouton peut entraîner en seulement deux
    heures de graves brûlures internes susceptibles de provoquer la mort.
    Gardez les piles neuves et usagées hors de la portée des enfants.
    Si le compartiment de la pile ne se ferme pas bien, arrêtez d’utiliser le
    produit et gardez-le hors de la portée des enfants.
    Si vous pensez que quelqu’un a pu avaler des piles ou les introduire
    n’importe où à l’intérieur du corps, contactez l’assistance médicale
    À propos des manuels
    1. Manuel d’instructions (ce manuel)
    (Guide de démarrage)
    Le Guide de démarrage comprend les éléments ci-dessous :
    Instructions d’utilisation basiques de votre WALKMAN®
    Comment accéder aux sites web d’applications PC utiles sur Internet
    3. Guide d’aide (document web pour un PC/smartphone)
    Le Guide d’aide contient des instructions d’utilisation
    plus détaillées, les spécifications, l’URL du site web
    d’assistance clientèle, etc.
    Bien que la navigation soit gratuite, des frais de
    communication peuvent vous être facturés par votre
    Selon le pays ou la région où vous avez acheté votre Walkman, certains
    modèles risquent de ne pas être disponibles.
    Remarques sur l’utilisation du Walkman
    Remarque sur la batterie
    Pour éviter toute détérioration de la batterie, chargez-la au moins une fois tous
    les six mois.
    À propos du mode Bruit ambiant
    Le mode Bruit ambiant vous permet d’entendre le bruit ambiant même
    lorsque vous portez les écouteurs. Toutefois, gardez à l’esprit que ce mode
    ne vous permet pas d’entendre tous les sons émis autour de vous. Vous
    pouvez mal entendre le bruit ambiant selon le type d’environnement, le
    type de musique jouée sur le Walkman ou le niveau du volume. Soyez
    très prudent lorsque vous utilisez le Walkman dans des lieux où il pourrait
    être dangereux de ne pas entendre le bruit ambiant (par exemple sur des
    routes sur lesquelles des voitures et des vélos roulent).
    Remarque concernant l’utilisation dans une piscine ou
    dans la mer
    Reportez-vous à «À lire avant d’utiliser le Walkman® dans une piscine
    ou dans la mer».
    À propos de la température de fonctionnement du
    La température de fonctionnement du Walkman est comprise entre
    –5°C et +45 °C.
    Fonctionnalités Bluetooth
    Raccordez votre smartphone et votre Walkman via une connexion
    Bluetooth pour pouvoir écouter la musique stockée sur votre smartphone
    avec le Walkman ou pour répondre aux appels reçus sur le smartphone.
Sony NW-WS623

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Especificaciones de Sony NW-WS623

Siéntese y disfrute de imágenes nítidas con la calidad brillante de 2 millones de píxeles. Con la resolución de 1920 x 1...
Marca Sony
Modelo NW-WS623
Producto Reproductor mp3
Idioma Spaans, Engels, Frans
Tipo de archivo PDF
Tipo Reproductor de MP3
Cámara fotográfica
Cámara incorporada No
Segunda cámara No
Color del producto Negro
A prueba de agua Si
Control de energía
Recargable Si
Tiempo continuo de reproducción de audio - h
Tecnología de batería -
Capacidad de batería - mAh
Tiempo de recarga de la batería 12 h
Medios de almacenaje
Tipo de reproductor Memoria flash
Capacidad total de almacenaje 16 GB
Tarjeta de lectura integrada Si
Pantalla táctil No
Pantalla -
Formatos de archivo
Formatos de audio soportados -
Auriculares Bluetooth
Altavoces incorporados -
Peso y dimensiones
Peso 32 g
Profundidad - mm
Altura - mm
Ancho - mm
Radio FM -
Bandas de radio soportadas -
Contenido del embalaje
Auriculares incluidos -
Modos de grabación
Grabación de voz -
Puertos e Interfaces
Interfaz -

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