Traxxas E-Maxx

Traxxas E-Maxx manual

  • Quick Start Instructions
    Refer to supplied Castle Creations Mamba Monster instruction manual
    for full operation details.
    Read and follow all operating instructions prior to running the model.
    The information on this addendum and in the Castle Creations Mamba
    Monster instructions supersedes the information in the Traxxas E-Maxx
    Owner’s Manual.
    Your E-Maxx Brushless edition truck has been pre-programmed and
    “bound” to the transmitter at the factory. Follow these instructions to
    switch your model on:
    1. Install the batteries in the transmitter as described in the E-Maxx
    Owner’s Manual on page 11.
    2. Install the batteries in the E-Maxx as described in the E-Maxx Owner’s
    Manual on page 12.
    3. Make certain the throttle trim
    knob and throttle neutral
    switch are set as shown (right).
    4. Switch the transmitter on.
    5. Switch the speed control on.
    You will hear a short sequence of tones as ALL the LEDs blink.
    The sequence will then repeat twice more, then the YELLOW LED
    will remain illuminated.
    6. With the E-Maxx’s wheels off the ground, conrm correct operation
    of the throttle and steering system. Your E-Maxx is ready to drive.
    ATTENTION! LiPo Battery Users
    The E-Maxx Brushless Edition is programmed at the factory for use with LiPo
    batteries. Your model will run properly with NiMH batteries. To obtain the
    maximum performance from the included batteries refer to the Mamba
    Monster manual included with your model for instructions on de-activating
    the LiPo voltage cut off. If LiPo batteries are used be sure to reset the Mamba
    Monster to the correct LiPo cutoff voltage for your batteries. Failure to
    properly reset the Cutoff Voltage may lead to damage or failure of your LiPo
    batteries. Never use LiPo batteries while Low-Voltage Detection is enabled.
    • Make Sure The Axle Nuts Are Tight Before Each Run
    Before operating your E-Maxx Brushless Edition,
    take a moment to make sure the axle nuts are tight,
    as they may have loosened during shipping. The
    correct size axle-nut wrench is supplied with the
    truck. Check the tightness of the axle nuts before
    each run. The E-Maxx’s high speed and torque can
    loosen the nuts over time if left unchecked.
    • Range-Testing the TQ2.4GHz Radio System
    Before each running session with your model, you should range test your
    radio system to ensure that it operates properly.
    1. Turn on the radio system and check its operation as described on page
    15 of the E-Maxx manual.
    2. Have a friend hold the model securely by the wing and front bumper.
    Make sure hands and clothing are clear of the wheels and other
    moving parts on the model.
    3. Walk away from the model with the transmitter until you reach the
    farthest distance you plan to operate the model.
    4. Operate the controls on the transmitter once again to be sure that the
    model responds correctly.
    5. Do not attempt to operate the model if there is any problem with the radio
    system or any external interference with your radio signal at your location.
    • Higher Speeds Require Greater Distance
    The faster you drive your E-Maxx, the more quickly it will near the
    limit of radio range. At 60mph, the truck will cover 88 feet every
    second! It’s a thrill, but use caution to keep your model in range. If you
    want to see your E-Maxx Brushless Edition achieve its maximum speed,
    it is best to position yourself in the middle of the truck’s running area,
    not the far end, so you drive the truck towards and past your position. In
    addition to maximizing the radio’s range, this technique will keep your
    model closer to you, making it easier to see and control.
    No matter how fast you drive your E-Maxx, always leave adequate
    space between you, the model, and others. Never drive directly
    toward yourself or others.
    • Slipper Clutch Break-In
    The E-Maxx Brushless Edition’s slipper clutch requires a break-in
    procedure to ensure consistent operation with the extremely high power
    output of the included Castle Creations Mamba Monster brushless motor
    system. The slipper clutch has been adjusted to the correct initial setting
    for break-in. Follow these steps to ensure maximum performance and life
    from your slipper clutch:
    1. Make your rst runs with the model using the stock gearing and 6- or
    7-cell NiMH packs, or 2S LiPo packs.
    2. Drive normally. The slipper clutch should slip momentarily when
    accelerating aggressively on high-traction surfaces (you will hear a
    whirring sound when the slipper clutch allows the spur gear to slip).
    3. If excessive slippage is noticed (slipping that lasts for more than 3
    seconds under hard acceleration), or the slipper clutch slips anytime
    the throttle is applied at any lever, stop driving immediately. Let the
    slipper clutch cool for 10-15 minutes. When the clutch is cool, test-
    drive the vehicle again. If you still experience excessive slippage, allow
    the slipper to cool once more, then tighten the slipper nut ¼ turn (turn
    the nut clockwise) and repeat the break-in process. Do not adjust the
    slipper clutch before it has cooled.
    4. Continue to run the vehicle and monitor slipper clutch performance as
    noted above, and readjust if necessary. When the run is complete, the
    slipper should be fully broken in.
    After break-in, the slipper clutch is ready for any type of driving, with any
    batteries up to 6S Lipo. Set the slipper clutch so it only slips for a moment
    (if at all) under hard acceleration in high-traction conditions. If excessive
    slippage is noticed, stop driving immediately. Continuing to drive with
    a loose slipper will cause damage to the slipper unit. You must let the
    slipper cool down to ambient temperature before tightening the slipper
    nut and resuming driving.
    TQ 2.4 Transmitter Binding Instructions
    For proper operation, the transmitter and receiver must be electronically
    ‘bound.’ This has been done for you at the factory. Should you ever need
    to re-bind the system, follow these instructions:
    1. Install batteries in the E-Maxx and plug them into the speed control.
    2. Press and hold the transmitter’s SET button as you switch transmitter
    on. The SET LED will ash.
    3. Press and hold the receiver’s SET button as you switch receiver on.
    The SET LED will ash.
    4. When both LEDs stop ashing (this will take just a moment or two),
    the system is bound and ready for use. Conrm that the steering and
    throttle operate properly before driving the model.
    TQ 2.4 Transmitter Fail-Safe Operation
    When bound to the transmitter, the 2.4GHz Micro Receiver automatically
    sets its fail-safe position to throttle neutral. This means the receiver will
    automatically return the throttle setting to neutral in the event of signal
    loss due to interference, low battery power, or accidentally switching the
    This is an E-Maxx with a Castle Creations Brushless System pre-installed from the factory. It is designed to eliminate guesswork
    and provide a truly Ready-To-Race
    brushless powerhouse right out of the box. The E-Maxx is manufactured by Traxxas and is
    backed by full Traxxas factory support. The installed Mamba Monster power system (electronic speed control, motor, on/off switch)
    is manufactured by Castle Creations. All support for the power system will be handled directly by Castle Creations and will be
    subject to Castle Creations’ warranty and service terms. Traxxas will not provide direct service and support for the installed
    power system. If you cannot accept this product support arrangement, do not run the model or open any of the enclosed
    materials. Return the model to your hobby dealer. Note that your hobby dealer absolutely cannot accept an item for return or
    exchange after it has been run or is otherwise no longer in as-new condition.
    The Power System is NOT WATERPROOF. Do not expose the power system to any type of water, condensation, or moisture.
    Traxxas, 1100 Klein Road, Plano, TX 75074,
    Phone: 972-265-8000, Fax: 972-265-8011, e-mail:
    Brushless Addendum
    Make sure the throttle
    trim knob is centered.
    Make sure the throttle
    neutral is set to 50/50.
    KC1231-R02 091112
Traxxas E-Maxx

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Especificaciones de Traxxas E-Maxx

Marca Traxxas
Modelo E-Maxx
Producto Juguete de radiocontrol
Idioma Inglés
Tipo de archivo PDF
Peso y dimensiones
Peso 4360 g
Ancho 419 mm
Frecuencia de banda 2.4 GHz
Tecnología de batería Níquel-metal hidruro (NiMH)
Capacidad de batería 3000 mAh

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