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    1. Introduction
    Thank you for buying the VMS4! Please read the manual thoroughly before bringing this device into service.
    If the device was damaged in transit, don't install or use it and contact your dealer.
    2. Safety Instructions
    Protect the device against extreme temperatures (see “5. Technical Specifications”), dust and moisture.
    All user modifications are strictly forbidden and any damage caused by user modifications or by disregard of the
    guidelines in this manual is not covered by the warranty. Take the VMS4 to your dealer if it needs to be repaired.
    Do not use the device immediately after it has been exposed to changes in temperature. Protect the device
    against damage by leaving it switched off until it has reached room temperature.
    Keep the device away from children and unauthorised users.
    Only use the device for its intended purpose. All other uses may lead to short circuits, burns, electroshocks, crash,
    etc. Using the device in an unauthorised way will void the warranty.
    Wipe the device regularly with a moist, lint-free cloth. Do not use alcohol or solvents.
    3. Connections
    The VMS4 is equipped with 4 standard RCA audio/video inputs
    and 2 RCA audio/video outputs (see connection diagram at the
    right). Make sure to establish correct connections (do not
    connect a video cable to an audio input and vice versa).
    Standard colour codes are used to indicate the connections
    (white for left audio channel, red for right audio channel, yellow
    for video channel).
    The VMS4 allows you to connect up to 4 audio/video
    sources (hi-fi equipment, VCR, DVD player, satellite
    receiver, camera etc.) and send those signals to 2
    target devices at once (television set, monitor, video
    recorder or DVD recorder for video and audio ; audio
    equipment, e.g. an amplifier, for audio only).
    4. Use
    The front of the VMS4 is equipped with 4 changeover switches. Use these to select the desired audio/video source to
    be sent to the target device(s).
    5. Technical Specifications
    Audio in/out terminals 4 input / 2 output type RCA pin jacks
    Video in/out terminals 4 input / 2 output type RCA pin jacks
    Temperature range -10 ~ +40°C
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 50 x 210 x 150 mm
    The information in this manual is subject to change without prior notice.
Velleman VMS4

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