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Volkswagen Golf (2012)
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Your 2012 Golf Quick-Start Guide

Speaking Volkswagen

This Guide is not a substitute for the Owner’s Manual. You must read it and the warnings included in it.
Important Warnings and Safety Information, which you must read,
are listed on the last panel, under BLUETOOTH
Your Golf comes standard with a versatile, go-anywhere
design. And thats just the beginning. You’ll discover dozens of
innovative features that make driving it even more fun. Because at
Volkswagen, we want to be sure that you’re getting the most out
of your time behind the wheel. So we’ve created this guide to help
you get going, and to show you how quickly you’ll be
speaking fluent Volkswagen.

Learn more at

Learn more at
1 Push the power button to turn on the radio.
2 Press AM, FM or SAT to select a band.
3 Press the TUNE soft key .
4 Use the knob at the lower right to select a station.
To make a selected station a preset station, press and hold
any of the six preset station soft keys . The new station
will appear in the display.
5 To select a specific preset station, simply press the
appropriate preset station soft key.
1 Press the LOAD/EJECT button .
2 Press any of the six soft keys to select a slot for the
CD and then insert the CD.
3 Press the MEDIA hard key and press CD to listen.
Important Warnings and Safety Information, which you must read,
are listed on the last panel, under PREMIUM 8 RADIO WARNINGS.
Sometimes things like tall buildings and tunnels can
interrupt the satellite signal. This is normal. The signal
should return within a few moments as you drive. You
can experience a wide variety of stations for free using
your limited, complimentary subscription. Call SiriusXM
Satellite Radio at 1-888-539-7474 for more information.
Accidents and injuries can occur if the driver is distracted. Speaking on or using a phone while driving can distract
the driver from traffic.
• Use of Bluetooth technology requires a compatible phone.
Select the volume settings so that the acoustic signals from the outside are still audible (for example, the sirens
of emergency rescue vehicles). Observe legal regulations.
In areas with no or poor mobile network coverage and possibly in tunnels, garages and subways, phone
conversations may be interrupted, and it may be impossible to make phone calls—even emergency calls!
In some countries, emergency calls may only be supported when the mobile phone is connected to a mobile
phone package which has a SIM card that is “not blocked” and/or has sufficient credit on it.
Unmounted or improperly mounted mobile phones can fly around in the event of a sudden driving or braking
maneuver or an accident. This may cause injuries.
Never place or mount a mobile phone on doors, on the windshield or on or near the area on the steering
wheel marked “AIRBAG, the instrument panel, the seat backrests or the areas between these points and the
driver/passengers. Mobile phones can lead to serious injuries in cases of accidents, especially when the airbags
are inflated.
Always switch off your mobile telephone at gas stations or wherever there is a fire or explosion hazard.
Electromagnetic radiation can cause sparks which can start fires.
The mobile phone will automatically connect to the mobile network when the Bluetooth connection to the mobile
phone package is disconnected. Using a radio device in the vehicle without a connection to an external antenna
might exceed electromagnetic radiation thresholds. This also applies if the external antenna is not installed properly.
Keep a distance of at least 8 inches between the antennas of the mobile phone and a pacemaker, since mobile
phones can affect the functionality of a pacemaker.
• Do not carry a mobile phone on standby mode in the breast pocket directly on top of a pacemaker.
• If interference is suspected, immediately switch off the mobile phone.
The center armrest can interfere with the driver’s elbow movement and thus cause accidents and severe injuries.
Always keep the armrest closed while driving.
Distracting the driver from traffic can lead to accidents and injuries. Using the radio system while driving can
distract from traffic.
• Observe legal regulations.
• Always drive attentively and responsibly.
Setting the volume too high can damage the hearing. This applies especially to volumes above approximately
85 decibels.
Select volume settings so that acoustic signals from the outside are always audible (for example, the sirens
of emergency rescue vehicles).
• Please lower the volume before changing or connecting to an audio source.
Unmounted or improperly mounted external devices can be thrown through the passenger compartment in the
event of a sudden driving or braking maneuver or a collision, causing injury.
Never leave external devices in the doors, on the front windshield, on or near the area marked “AIRBAG” on the
steering wheel, instrument panel, seat backs or between these areas and the occupants. External devices can
cause serious injury in the event of a collision, especially if the airbags inflate.
• Connecting cables of external devices may obstruct the driver. Route cables so as not to interfere with the driver.
The armrest can affect the elbow room of the driver and thus cause collisions and severe injuries. Always keep
the armrest closed while driving.
• Injuries can be caused by invisible laser beams if the housing of the CD player is opened.
• Have the CD player repaired only by a specialist.
1 Make sure the Golf is parked.
2 Make sure your cell phone is Bluetooth enabled.
3 Turn on the ignition. The Bluetooth feature goes into “discovery”
mode for five minutes.*
4 From your Bluetooth menu on your phone, search for
new devices.
5 Your cell phone should offer a list of devices for you to
choose from. Select the device “VW Phone.
6 Enter the passcode “0000” into your phone and press “pair.
Your phone should be connected to the Bluetooth system.
7 The multi-function display will prompt you to create a user
profile—press “OK.
NOTE: To allow Bluetooth to reconnect automatically each time
you enter your car, be sure to set “VW Phone” as a “trusted device”
on your phone (this varies from phone to phone, and may not
be necessary on your specific device).
* If you have RNS 315, your Golf discovery” mode must be activated
within your system settings.
Press the “Phone” hard key
Press the “Setup” hard key
Press the “Bluetooth settings” soft key
Press the “Bluetooth visibility” soft key
The Bluetooth feature goes into “discovery” mode for five minutes.
When you get a call, Bluetooth will interrupt your radio.
You’ll hear a ringtone over your cars speakers.
Press the phone button on the multi-function
steering wheel.
Just press and hold the microphone button until you hear
a musical chime. Your Volkswagen will say “Main menu.” Then
proceed with one of the steps below.
1 After the beep, say “Dial number.
2 The system will respond “Number please.
3 After the beep, say the number. (You do not have to include
“1” before the area code.)
4 The system will repeat the number, and then say “Continue.
5 To tell the system to call the number, say “Call.
1 After the beep, say “Call” followed by the name of the person
you want to call. For example, “Call Mike Brown.
2 The system will answer “Calling Mike Brown.
1 After the beep, say “Redial.
2 The system will respond “Redial. Dialing.
1 After the beep, say “Help.
2 The system will respond “Help. Say a name plus ‘call,’ ‘dial
number,’ ‘redial.’ You can also say ‘music,’ or ‘further options.
To stop this dialogue at any time, say ‘cancel.’”
Volkswagen Golf (2012)

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