Whirlpool AMD 092

Whirlpool AMD 092 manual

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    Do not install the appliance if it is connected to
    the power supply.
    The Installation and service/repair must be
    performed by a qualified technician, in
    compliance with the producer's instructions and
    following local safety norms. Do not repair or
    replace any parts of the appliance unless it is
    specifically written in the user instructions.
    The grounding of this appliance is compulsory.
    Make sure that the power supply cord is long
    enough to allow the right connection. Do not
    use any extension cord for power supply.
    Do not pull the power supply cord to remove it
    from the socket.
    Do not twist or press the power supply cord,
    and make sure it is not broken.
    Once installation is completed, the electric
    components must not be accessible to the users.
    Do not touch the operation buttons when your
    hands are wet and don't use the appliance when
    you are barefoot.
    Physically or mentally disabled people, children
    and people without any experience with the
    product are only allowed to use the appliance if
    they have had specific training on how to
    operate the appliance by a person responsible
    for their security and well-being. The appliance
    is not intended for use by disabled people and
    very young children without supervision.
    Please strictly follow the below instructions:
    Long and direct exposure to cool air might be
    harmful to health. It is advisable to set the
    louvers in order to avoid direct cool air and
    deflect it within the room.
    Prevent the air flow from reaching the gas
    burners and stoves.
    Upon malfunctioning first turn the appliance off
    by pressing the ON/OFF button on the remote
    control, then disconnect it from the mains.
    This product contains Fluorinated Greenhouse
    Gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol, the
    refrigerant gas being in a hermetically sealed
    system. Refrigerant gas: R410a has a Global
    Warming Potential (GWP) 1975.
    This appliance has been made of recyclable or
    re-usable material. Scrapping must be carried
    out in compliance with local waste disposal
    regulations. Before scrapping it, make sure to
    cut off the mains cord so that the appliance
    cannot be re-used.
    For more detailed information on handling and
    recycling of this product, contact your local
    authorities who deal with the separate collection
    of rubbish or the shop where you bought the
    The packaging can be 100% recycled as
    confirmed by the recycling symbol . The
    various parts of the packaging must not be
    dispersed in the environment, but must be
    scrapped in line with local authority regulations.
    This appliance is marked according to the
    European Directive 2002/96/EC, Waste
    Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).
    By ensuring that this product is disposed of
    correctly, you will help to prevent potentially
    negative consequences for the environment and
    for human health.
    The symbol on the product or on the
    documents accompanying the product indicates
    that this appliance should not be treated as
    household waste, but must be given to the
    appropriate local gathering place where electric
    and electronic appliances are stored and
Whirlpool AMD 092

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Marca Whirlpool
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